How to Turn Off Google Docs Voice Typing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Turning off Google Docs voice typing is a cinch when you know how to navigate the feature. Simply access the ‘Tools’ menu, select ‘Voice typing,’ and click on the microphone icon to disable it. Quick and easy, right? Now, let’s dive into a more detailed guide.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Turn Off Google Docs Voice Typing

Before we dig into the nitty-gritty, it’s important to know that following these steps will silence the voice typing feature, giving you peace and quiet to work on your document.

Step 1: Open your Google Doc

Open the Google Doc you are working with.

Google Docs is a handy tool where you can create, edit, and share documents. To turn off voice typing, you need to have your document open and ready to go.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Tools’ menu

Locate and click on the ‘Tools’ menu at the top of your page.

The ‘Tools’ menu is like a treasure chest for all the cool features Google Docs offers. From spell check to voice typing, this is where you find the magic.

Step 3: Select ‘Voice Typing…’

Scroll through the options and click on ‘Voice Typing…’

When you hover over ‘Voice Typing…’ a little box with a microphone should pop up on the side of your screen. That’s your cue that you’re in the right place.

Step 4: Click on the microphone icon

If the microphone is dark, click it to turn off voice typing.

If the microphone icon is bright and colorful, voice typing is on and ready to take your spoken words and turn them into text. Click it once to turn it off, and it should turn gray.

After you’ve followed these steps, the voice typing feature will be disabled, and you can type in peace without any surprise dictations.

Tips for Managing Google Docs Voice Typing

  • Always double-check if the microphone icon is dark gray to confirm that voice typing is off.
  • Remember that voice typing only works when you’re using Google Chrome, so if you’re using a different browser, you won’t even need to worry about it.
  • If you accidentally turn on voice typing, just click the microphone to turn it off—no need to panic!
  • Keep in mind that background noise can activate voice typing, so work in a quiet environment or use headphones.
  • You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly access the voice typing feature: Ctrl+Shift+S (Cmd+Shift+S on a Mac).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I disable voice typing permanently?

No, you cannot disable voice typing permanently, but you can turn it off each time you are using Google Docs.

Why can’t I find the voice typing feature in Google Docs?

Voice typing is only available in Google Docs when using the Google Chrome web browser. Make sure you’re using Chrome and not another browser.

Can voice typing work with other languages?

Yes, Google Docs voice typing supports multiple languages. Just click on the microphone and select your preferred language from the list.

Is voice typing available on the Google Docs mobile app?

No, currently, voice typing is only available on the desktop version of Google Docs through the Chrome browser.

What should I do if voice typing isn’t working?

First, check your internet connection because voice typing needs it to work. Then, ensure your microphone is working and that you’ve given Google Docs permission to access it.


  1. Open your Google Doc
  2. Click on the ‘Tools’ menu
  3. Select ‘Voice Typing…’
  4. Click on the microphone icon


Now that you know how to turn off Google Docs voice typing, you can take control of your document editing experience. Whether you find the feature useful or distracting, it’s always good to know how to manage it. Remember, technology is there to assist us but not to take over completely. Make sure you’re the boss of your tools, and not the other way around. Keep practicing, and you’ll be a Google Docs pro in no time. If you have other questions, feel free to explore Google’s Help Center or reach out to their support team. Happy typing!

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