How to Take a Screenshot with a Samsung Galaxy On5

Many devices such as laptops, desktops, and smartphones are able to capture pictures of their screen. Since it’s a common feature, you may be wondering how to take a screenshot with a Samsung Galaxy On5. The camera on your Samsung Galaxy On5 is great when something is happening around you, and you want to capture […]

How to Turn On Parental Controls for the Play Store in Android Marshmallow

The Play Store on the Samsung Galaxy On5 provides a convenient means to access apps, movies, games, and books that you can use on the device. But if you have a child with a smart phone, you might wish to restrict the types of content that they can access on their device. Fortunately you can […]

How to Answer Calls By Pressing the Home Button in Android Marshmallow

Your Galaxy On5 Android Marshmallow phone alerts you when you have an incoming call. You are able to answer that call by performing the action indicated on the screen. But, depending upon the way that you use your phone, or the situation in which you often find yourself in when you receive calls, you may […]

How to Turn Off Cellular Data on the Samsung Galaxy On5

Smartphones and the functions that they are capable of are pretty impressive. Your phone can perform a lot of tasks that a desktop computer would struggle with, even just a few years ago, and it can do these things from almost anywhere you go. Unfortunately connecting to the Internet on a cellular network requires you to use […]

How to Turn Off Data Roaming on the Samsung Galaxy On5

Mobile data charges are often the most expensive part of a cellular plan. Many plans will include a fixed amount of data that is available for you to use when you are on your network, but that available data typically won’t include data that you use while you are roaming, or connecting to cellular networks […]

How to View Battery Usage By App in Android Marshmallow

Battery life is one of the foremost concerns of many smartphone users, and getting the most out of your phone’s battery is especially important when you don’t have many options to recharge the device during the day and you rely on your phone for important matters. One of the biggest factors in proper battery management […]

How to Remove Apps from the Home Screen in Android Marshmallow

The Home screen on your Samsung Galaxy On5 provides a convenient place for you to store the apps that you use on a regular basis. However, there is a limited amount of space on this screen, and there may be an old app, or a default app, that is taking up precious screen real estate […]

How to Invert Colors in Android Marshmallow on a Samsung Galaxy On5

Have you ever noticed that someone else’s Android phone colors seemed to be very unusual, and wondered how they did it? While it might at first seem like a special theme or “hack” that they have performed, it is actually a setting called “Invert Colors.” The effect from inverting colors is also referred to as “x-ray” […]

How to Block a Phone Number in Android Marshmallow

Learning how to block a phone number in Android Marshmallow is crucial for anyone that is plagued by telemarketers or other sorts of undesirables. Adding a phone number to the block list will stop your phone from ringing when that number calls again in the future, which can give you some peace and quiet from […]

How to Turn Off Keypad Tones in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

There are a lot of incidental sounds that play on your Android Marshmallow phone when something happens. There is a lock sound when you turn off your screen, there are notification sounds that play when something happens in one of your apps that requires your attention, and there are even sounds that play when you […]