How to Forget a Wi-Fi Network on the Samsung Galaxy On5

Connecting to the Wi-Fi networks at your home and place of employment is a helpful way to minimize the amount of data that your device uses, as well as improve the speed at which you can download files from the Internet.

Once you have connected to a Wi-Fi network, your Galaxy On5 will remember the name of the network and the password for it, and will connect to that network when it is in range and Wi-Fi is enabled on the phone.

But you may find that your connection speed is actually poor when connected to a specific network, or there are multiple networks in range of one another, and your Galaxy keeps trying to connect to the wrong one.

Our guide below will show you how you can forget a Wi-Fi network on your Galaxy On5 when you are connected to it, ensuring that you will only ever connect to it again if you re-enter the password.

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Delete the Stored Credentials for a Wi-Fi Network on Your Samsung Galaxy On5

The steps in this article were performed on a device running Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. Once you have completed these steps, your Galaxy On5 will not automatically connect to the forgotten network anymore. If you wish to connect to it again in the future, you will need to re-enter the password.

Step 1: Open the Apps folder.

open the apps folder

Step 2: Tap the Settings button.

open the settings menu

Step 3: Select the Wi-Fi option.

open the wifi network

Step 4: Select the network to which you are currently connected. Note that you can only forget a WiFi network to which you are currently connected.

select the network to which you are currently connected

Step 5: Tap the Forget button.

how to forget a wi-fi network on a galaxy on5

Now that you know how to forget a Wi-Fi network on your Samsung Galaxy On5, you can stop your phone from trying to connect to it whenever you are in range.

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