How to Turn on VoiceOver on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has a speaker on it, although you might not hear sounds coming from the watch itself very often.  But one way that you can hear sounds is by enabling a feature called VoiceOver. This setting is found on the Accessibility menu of the watch, and causes the device to speak the contents […]

How to Enable Airplane Mode on an Apple Watch

When you go on an airplane with your phone, you will eventually be asked to turn the device off. This is necessary because smartphones transmit wireless signals that can be problematic on a plane. However, this is not something that is exclusive to phones. You will need to turn off any device with wireless capabilities, […]

How to Completely Disable Siri on the Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch has some Siri functionality that allows you to use the popular voice-control feature to perform some actions from the watch. You can activate Siri by holding down the crown button on the side of the watch or, if you have activated Hey Siri on the Apple Watch, you can activate Siri that […]

How to Stop Maps Navigation on the Apple Watch

Your Apple watch integrates with many of the default iPhone apps, including the Maps app. One of the ways that this occurs is by showing directions on the watch face while the Maps app is open on your phone. This can be a convenient way to travel, particularly if you are using the Maps app […]

How to Increase Haptic Feedback Strength on the Apple Watch

The haptic feedback system on your Apple Watch can be very useful if you rely on the Watch to provide you with alerts about phone calls or new text messages. It can prevent you from checking your phone periodically, as the haptic feedback is very noticeable, and provides a passive, non-disruptive way of letting you […]

How to Turn Off Apple Watch Activity Notifications for Today

Some of the most frequent alerts that you receive on your Apple Watch come from the Activity app. These can be status reminders that let you know how close your are to achieving your daily goals, notifications that those goals have been completed, or alerts that you have reached a personal best in one of […]

How to Add an App to the Apple Watch Dock

There are only a couple of ways that you can interact with your Apple Watch, so it’s helpful to make those interactions as effective as they can possibly be. One method of using the Watch is to press the buttons on the side of the device. The flat button lets you interact with your dock, […]

How to Stop the Apple Watch from Locking When You Take it Off

Your Apple Watch can provide access to some of the sensitive information that is stored on your phone, so it’s helpful to add a layer of security to the watch in the event that it is ever lost or stolen. One of these security measures involves locking the watch when you remove it from your […]

How to Set an Apple Watch Ahead By Five Minutes

It’s very common for people to set different times on the clocks that they use everyday. Whether that means setting the clock in your car ahead a few minutes, or setting your alarm clock ahead to help you wake up on time, there are certainly benefits to punctuality that exist because a clock time is […]

How to Change the Alert Volume on the Apple Watch

One of my favorite things about the Apple Watch is how much more convenient it makes checking phone alerts. Your iPhone syncs your notifications with the watch so, if you typically have your iPhone in a bag or in your pocket, you can simply look at your wrist instead of getting your phone out. But […]