What Does the Blue Half Moon Icon Mean on My Apple Watch?

There are a lot of different statuses that your Apple Watch can enter. Many of these statuses are identified with the help of a small icon, although those icons can be less than helpful the first time that you see them. One such icon that you might notice is a blue half moon, or crescent […]

How to View Remaining Battery Life on the Apple Watch

Battery life management on a smartphone like the iPhone is something that almost everyone has needed to experiment with in the time they have owned the device. Certain options like power-saving mode can help to make the phone last longer between charges, which, depending on how your use your Apple Watch, could raise similar concerns. […]

How to Quit an App on the Apple Watch

You may be familiar with how to quit an app on your iPhone, as it can be a handy thing to know when an app is stuck or not working properly. So if you are using an app on your Apple Watch and start to experience similar issues, then you may find yourself looking for […]

How to Start a Running Workout on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has some terrific integrations with the iPhone that let it display notifications on the watch face. This prevents you from constantly needing to check your phone, as a quick glance at the watch can often provide you with the desired information. But the watch is much more than just an alternate notification […]

How to Enable Power Reserve Mode on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch shares many features with the other electronic devices that you use. One of these shared features is the need to recharge the battery periodically. However, you may find that you are unable to charge the battery for an extended period of time, and that you would like to extend the battery life […]

How to Enable the Unlock with iPhone Setting for an Apple Watch Passcode

Your iPhone contains a lot of sensitive information, which is why it’s so important to lock the device with a passcode or a fingerprint. But your Apple Watch can contain some sensitive information, too, which is why you may have also created a passcode for your watch. Unfortunately entering that passcode on the tiny watch […]

How to Turn Off Text Message Notifications on the Apple Watch

The ability to view text message notifications on your Apple Watch without needing to unlock your iPhone is one of the more convenient uses of the watch. You can even send quick replies through the Messages app on the watch. This functionality makes the Messages app and Watch interaction one of my favorite elements of […]

How to Check for an Apple Watch Update

Smart phone owners are often inundated with notifications about updates for their apps and the operating system. These updates typically seek to fix known issues with the application and introduce new features that have been developed. Your Apple Watch, while it may be physically different in appearance from an iPhone, shares many of these same […]

How to Enable or Disable Theater Mode on an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a very convenient accessory for your iPhone. It provides a simple way to view notifications without needing to pull your phone out of your pocket or purse. But even the Apple Watch face can be quite bright, so Apple introduced a Theater Mode setting where the watch face won’t light up […]

How to Turn on VoiceOver on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has a speaker on it, although you might not hear sounds coming from the watch itself very often. ┬áBut one way that you can hear sounds is by enabling a feature called VoiceOver. This setting is found on the Accessibility menu of the watch, and causes the device to speak the contents […]