How to Turn Off “Hey Siri” on an Apple Watch

The “Hey Siri” feature on the iPhone allows you to use the voice search and control features of Siri without even holding the device. This can be very useful in a lot of situations, and it something that will only continue to improve as time goes by. Your Apple Watch can also use the Hey […]

How to Delete an Apple Watch Complication

Some of the third-party apps on your Apple Watch include things called Complications that can add some additional information to some of your watch faces. These can be very helpful when those complications are available for apps that you use frequently, where access to that information can be very important. But you might find that […]

How to Make the Apple Watch Screen Stay On Longer

The Apple Watch interface is surprisingly easy to use given the limited amount of ways in which you can interact with it, and the small size of the screen. But you may find that the screen is turning off too quickly, and that you need to keep touching it in order to make all of […]

How to View Your Step Count on an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a terrific accessory for keeping track of information about your daily activity. You can view information about the number of calories that you have burned, the amount that you have exercised, and the distance that you have covered. You can also see how many steps you have taken. However, you might […]

How to Change Your Move Goal on the Apple Watch

When you first configured your Apple Watch, you entered information about yourself and your activity levels. This calculates a calorie goal, or Move goal, and your Apple Watch tracks your progress in completing that goal each day. However, you might decide to change your Move goal on the watch if you discover that it is […]

How to Delete a Watch Face from the Apple Watch

There are a lot of different watch faces for your Apple Watch that can provide different types of information. Selecting the right watch face can be a fun task, and you may find that you switch faces with regularity. But there are probably some faces on your Apple Watch that you aren’t using, so you […]

How to Turn Off Activity Notifications on the Apple Watch

The Activity app on your Apple Watch can be responsible for a lot of the notifications that you receive. Whether you wish to stop the Stand Reminders, Goal Completion, Achievement, or Weekly Summary notifications, you have the ability to do so. Our guide below will show you how to find the menu in the Watch […]

How to Find Your Apple Watch Serial Number

The Apple Watch has a lot in common with the iPhone, both in the way that the apps and navigation on the devices are structured, but also in there ability to connect to different networks. You can find out a lot of important information about the iPhone on its About menu, and you can do […]

How to Clear All Apple Watch Notifications at Once

The notifications that you receive on your Apple Watch allow you to check on new messages or information that has appeared on your apps. If you use your Apple watch in conjunction with your iPhone, then this can make it much easier to stay updated on what is occurring on your phone. But if you use […]

How to Delete Bluetooth Headphones on an Apple Watch

You can pair Bluetooth headphones to your Apple Watch using a very similar method to how you would pair them to your iPhone. This is very convenient if you only ever pair that device with your watch, but it can cause problems if you would prefer to pair the headphones with something else. While the headphones […]