How to Save as a CSV from Google Sheets

While the popularity of Google Sheets has been increasing due to the large number of features that it has (and the fact that it is free), there are still occasions where you will need to work with a file in a different application. Fortunately Sheets makes it a simple process to download your Sheets spreadsheets […]

How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

There are a very large number of ways that someone might need to create a spreadsheet, and it is very likely that the default layout of a spreadsheet is not ideal for your needs. While there are many ways that you can customize the spreadsheet layout in Google Sheets, a common change is to merge […]

How to Change Vertical Alignment in Table Cells in Google Docs

Tables in Google Docs present you with a helpful tool for displaying data that isn’t easy to format with the standard body of a document. While many of the situations where you would need to organize data in a tabular format can be accomplished effectively in Sheets instead of Docs, there are situations where you […]

How to Reset Google Chrome to Default Settings

The settings in a Web browser are easy to customize, and many of them can be changed so easily that it’s a simple matter to make minor adjustments for a specific page, then change back to your old setting. I do this all the time on Web pages where the text is too small or […]

How to Turn Off Automatic Updates for the Firefox Desktop Browser

One of the most important elements of mitigating security risks on your computer or smartphone is keeping your apps and operating system up to date. Bugs and security flaws are constantly being discovered, and updates fix those problems. Many programs, including the Firefox Web browser, have a default setting where updates are automatically installed as they […]

Three of Our Favourite Games for the iPhone

Remember when a mobile phone was actually used for making calls and texting people?! Now, it’s become an extension of almost every part of our lives thanks to the proliferation of app technology and new means of communicating with those we love. Thanks to the evolution of the smartphone, we’re able to send photos and […]

How to Set an Out of Office Reply in Yahoo Mail

Learning how to set an out of office reply in Yahoo Mail is crucial if you need to let your contacts know that you might not be responding to their messages for a short period of time. The out of office reply, or vacation response, as it is called by Yahoo, is sent automatically when […]

How to Set an Out of Office Reply in Gmail

You might be looking to set an out of office reply in Gmail when you know that you won’t be able to access your emails with the frequency that your contacts might need or expect. Fortunately this setting is available in Gmail, and you have the ability to specify a time frame during which the out […]

StudioPress Sites Launch – New Turnkey Managed-WordPress Hosting Service

StudioPress has just announced a new feature that should be appealing for anyone that wants to have their own website, but is worried about the technological problems and security issues that often trouble new webmasters. runs on the eleven40 StudioPress theme and the Genesis framework, and is hosted by Studiopress’s managed Synthesis service. Most new sites that […]

How to Make Google the Default Search Engine in Firefox

A long time ago you used to have to browse directly to a search engine in order to run a search for something. Modern browsers, however, allow you to search the Web from any page by simply typing your search term into the address bar at the top of the window. The search engine that […]