How to Get CleanMyMac X on the App Store

While you’ve long been able to get CleanMyMac X directly from MacPaw when you wanted to start freeing up space on your MacBook, many Mac users prefer to download apps directly from Apple’s App Store.

Luckily this is now possible, as the popular application for comprehensive Mac care is now available in the App Store, and can be downloaded and installed in the same way that you would download any other app to your computer.

Use these steps to download CleanMyMac X from the App Store.

Open the App Store.

open the App Store

Click inside the search field at the top-right of the screen.

click inside the search field at the top-right

Type “cleanmymac x” into the search field, then press “Enter.”

search for cleanmymac x

Select the “CleanMyMac X” search result.

select the search result

Click the “Get” button.

click the Get button

Click the “Install App” button.

how to get CleanMyMac X from the App Store

If you’re unsure about whether or not CleanMyMac X is the right app for you, then check out their site to see everything that it offers. You can also buy it directly from MacPaw at that link as well.

Some of the reasons why you would want to get CleanMyMac X include:

Comprehensive Mac care
CleanMyMac X is designed to be the only tool that you need to keep your Mac clean and secure. It knows what types of files to look for when getting rid of junk, allowing you to remove lots of unwanted files that could be missed by other similar applications. It’s also a great option for identifying and removing malware that is common to Mac computers. Aside from the tools and security features, it can also help to make everything else on the computer run a little smoother.

Managing all of these features can be a bit of a chore if you need to handle them all individually, but the “Smart Scan” feature provides a simple way to take care of everything with the click of a button.

CleanMyMac X utilizes a Safety Database to identify the files that are safe for deletion. With other tools or manual actions it’s easy to find and get rid of large files that you think you may not need, only to discover later that they were important. CleanMyMac X knows what’s actually safe to get rid of.

Decluttering and healthy storage practices
CleanMyMac X is ideal for removing clutter like apps that aren’t being used, or long-forgotten folders storing MBs or GBs of files you no longer need. Some of the tools in CleanMyMac X that can help with this are Space Lens, Uninstaller, and the Large & Old files scanner.

CleanMyMac X doesn’t just take a broad, generalized approach to eliminating files and improving system performance. It leverages AI-based suggestions from your usage to determine which files and apps require your attention.

Award-winning design
CleanMyMac X recently won an IF Design 2020 award for “Best app design.” The reputable MacStories blog regularly includes CleanMyMac X on their list of “Must-have apps for Mac.”

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