Macpaw Bundle Discount on Macpaw Gemini and Macpaw Clean My Mac

Macpaw’s Gemini and CleanMyMac programs are two of the most useful programs you can have on your Macbook, so luckily they offer a discount when you buy both of the programs together.

View the Macpaw Bundle Discount here to check the combined pricing when you get both of these programs together, or the individual pricing for each program separately if you don’t think you need both.

Click here to learn more about CleanMyMac and check CleanMyMac pricing

Click here to learn more about Gemini and check Gemini pricing

Macpaw Bundle Discount on Macpaw Gemini and Macpaw Clean My Mac

If you are unfamiliar with the programs, CleanMyMac is an application that you purchase and download to your Mac computer. You then run a scan where it checks some common areas in which junk and unnecessary files can build up, then it gives you a report on the files that it wants to delete, and how much space that cleanup will give you. If you find that your Mac is often near its storage capacity and you aren’t sure what you can delete, then this is the perfect solution for your problems.

CleanMyMac has some other functions as well. It can also help you to completely uninstall applications that you aren’t using anymore, plus it can show you where you might have large media files that you can safely delete to regain a lot of storage space. CleanMyMac can also run silently in the background and alert you when it’s been a long time since your last scan, or if it is noticing a significant amount of files that can be deleted.

Gemini is a duplicate file finder. There are probably a lot of files on your Mac that exist more than once on the hard drive. Many times these files are small but, over time, you can accumulate a lot of files with duplicates, and all of those small duplicate files can add up to create a very large amount of space that is being wasted needlessly. Gemini can intelligently comb your hard drive for these files, display them as a list, then you can either let it automatically delete the duplicate files, or you can scan through them yourself to determine what is safe to delete, and what you would like to keep.

If you are uncertain about whether or not you need either of these programs, or if you are hesitant because you haven’t seen them in action, then you can check out a couple of our tutorials below that walk you through using each of them.

How to delete junk files on your Mac with CleanMyMac

How to remove duplicates from your Mac with Gemini

When you are ready to buy these programs and start cleaning your Mac hard drive, you can purchase the bundle here.

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