How to Allow Pop Ups on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Allowing pop-ups on an iPhone 15 is a simple process that can be done through the Safari settings. You’ll just need to navigate to your iPhone’s settings, scroll down to Safari, and then switch the toggle for ‘Block Pop-ups’ to the off position. After completing this, pop-ups will be allowed on your device while using Safari.

After completing this action, any website you visit using Safari will be able to display pop-ups. This means you may see additional windows or ads that open automatically as you browse.

You can also watch this video about how to allow pop ups on an iPhone 15 for more on this topic.


Let’s talk about pop-ups. You know, those little windows that suddenly appear when you’re browsing the web. They can be quite annoying, right? But sometimes, they are necessary. Whether it’s a bank website requiring verification or a video player needing your permission to run. For iPhone 15 users, the default setting on Safari is to block these pop-ups to provide a smoother browsing experience. However, there might be instances where you need to allow them. Maybe you’re trying to download a file, or you need to access a critical feature on a website that only functions via a pop-up.

So, it’s essential to know how to toggle this setting on your sleek new device. This simple guide is relevant to both tech-savvy individuals and those who are not as familiar with the intricacies of their smartphones. By the end of this article, you’ll be a pro at managing pop-ups on your iPhone 15.

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Step by Step Tutorial: Allowing Pop-ups on iPhone 15

Before we jump into the steps, let’s clarify what we’re aiming for. By following these instructions, you’ll enable pop-up windows in Safari, the default browser for iPhone. This means that any site you visit may potentially show pop-ups, which can be useful or necessary for certain website interactions.

Step 1: Open Settings

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ icon on your iPhone’s home screen and tap it to open the settings menu.

The settings menu is where you can tweak and customize various aspects of your iPhone’s functionality, including privacy, display, and, crucially for us, Safari browser settings.

Step 2: Scroll and Select ‘Safari’

Once in settings, scroll down until you find ‘Safari’ and select it to open Safari-specific settings.

Safari settings allow you to manage features like search engine preferences, privacy controls, and web content settings, including the option to block or allow pop-ups.

Step 3: Find ‘Block Pop-ups’

In Safari settings, look for the ‘Block Pop-ups’ option. It’s usually located under the ‘General’ section.

The ‘Block Pop-ups’ toggle is designed to enhance your browsing experience by preventing unwanted content from disrupting your web activity.

Step 4: Toggle Off ‘Block Pop-ups’

Tap the switch next to ‘Block Pop-ups’ to turn it off. The switch should turn from green to grey, indicating that the block is disabled.

With this toggle off, websites that you visit using Safari will now be able to display pop-ups, which can be essential for particular sites’ functionality.


Enhanced FunctionalityAllowing pop-ups can make certain websites more functional, especially those that utilize pop-ups for essential features.
Necessary for Some ServicesSome online services, like banking or government sites, use pop-ups for security verification, which you can now access.
Increased ControlYou now have more control over your browsing experience, choosing on a case-by-case basis whether to allow pop-ups or not.


Potential for AdsBy allowing pop-ups, you may encounter more ads, which can be disruptive and sometimes lead to less reputable websites.
Security RisksPop-ups can sometimes be a security risk, as they may contain malware or phishing attempts.
User ExperiencePop-ups can deteriorate the user experience, making browsing less smooth and more frustrating if encountered frequently.

Video About Pop Ups

Additional Information

When it comes to managing pop-ups on your iPhone 15, it’s not just about allowing or blocking them. There’s a bit more nuance to it. For instance, even if you allow pop-ups, Safari’s intelligent features may still prevent pop-ups that it deems as intrusive or malicious. So, it’s a good idea to maintain updated software for the best security and functionality.

Also, if you’re worried about too many ads, consider that many websites use pop-ups responsibly, like for newsletter subscriptions or important notifications. Plus, you always have the option to block pop-ups again by simply returning to Safari settings and toggling the ‘Block Pop-ups’ feature back on. And let’s not forget, if you only need pop-ups for a specific site, you can always enable them temporarily and disable them once you’re done. It’s all about finding the right balance for your browsing needs.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll and Select ‘Safari’
  3. Find ‘Block Pop-ups’
  4. Toggle Off ‘Block Pop-ups’

Frequently Asked Questions

Will allowing pop-ups on my iPhone 15 make it less secure?

While pop-ups can sometimes be used for malicious purposes, allowing them on your iPhone doesn’t inherently make it less secure. Ensure you’re visiting reputable sites and keep your software up to date to mitigate risks.

Can I allow pop-ups for specific websites only?

Unfortunately, Safari does not offer the option to allow pop-ups for specific websites only. It’s a universal setting that applies to all websites you visit using the browser.

Will I see pop-ups in other apps if I allow them on Safari?

The pop-up settings for Safari only apply to browsing within Safari. Other apps have their own settings and may still block pop-ups.

If I allow pop-ups, will I get a lot of ads?

Not necessarily. Many websites use pop-ups for legitimate reasons, and Safari may still block those it deems intrusive.

Can I quickly toggle the pop-up blocker on and off?

Yes, you can quickly toggle the ‘Block Pop-ups’ feature by returning to the Safari settings in the Settings app.


So, there you have it! A simple, easy-to-follow guide on allowing pop-ups on your iPhone 15. Remember, it’s all about giving you the power to decide when and where you encounter pop-ups. It’s an essential skill in ensuring that your web browsing is as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

And next time you encounter a pop-up, you’ll know exactly why it’s there and how to manage it. Keep exploring, keep learning, and keep enjoying your iPhone 15 to its fullest potential!

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