How to Make Powerpoint Portrait in Powerpoint 2010

Last updated: March 12, 2019 The default orientation in Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 is landscape, but that may not always be the best choice for every slideshow that you create. Occasionally you might have a lot of slides with long lists or tall pictures, which suits itself better to slides with a portrait orientation. Powerpoint 2010 […]

How to Remove Slide Numbers in Powerpoint 2013

Slide numbers in a Powerpoint 2013 presentation can be useful to both you and your audience as a way to keep track of which slide contains certain information. But there are certain situations where slide numbers might be incorrect or confusing, or simply not aesthetically pleasing, so you would simply prefer to remove them from […]

How to Change Where Slide Numbers Start in Powerpoint 2010

Powerpoint presentations are often a collaborative work that can be broken into multiple parts. The individual parts can then be combined into one large slideshow that is presented as a group. But it can be confusing for your Powerpoint audience if the page numbering continues to reset at 1 for each section, so you will […]

How to Add a New Section in Powerpoint 2010

Powerpoint presentations with a large number of slides can quickly become difficult to manage. The default layout of the program only shows a handful of slides in the Slides pane at one time, which can make it difficult to locate the correct slide amidst a lot of slides that may all look similar. Powerpoint 2010 […]

How to Change the Page Size in Powerpoint 2010

Last updated: January 9, 2017 Learning how to change the size of a Powerpoint slide is a useful thing to know if you use Powerpoint with some regularity. Typically the size of Powerpoint slides is dictated by the default page size set for the program. In some parts of the worlds this is going to […]

How to Convert a Powerpoint Into a PDF in Powerpoint 2010

Creating and editing files in Powerpoint 2010 provides you with a lot of ways to customize the content and appearance of your slideshows. But once you have finished creating your presentation you might be looking for an easier way to distribute it. Presentations that are sent in the Powerpoint file format can be easily edited […]

How to Merge Files in Powerpoint 2010

When you create a lot of Powerpoint presentations, especially when they are about similar topics, it is likely that you will have a slide that you want to re-use. You may already know how to insert a slide from another presentation, but this can be tedious when you want to¬†add multiple slides, or even an […]

How to Zip a Powerpoint 2010 File

Many¬†Powerpoint files can become very large, especially if you have included a lot of media such as pictures, audio or video. If a Powerpoint presentation becomes too large, it can be difficult to share it through email. One way that you can reduce the size of a Powerpoint file is to zip the file. This […]

How to Convert Powerpoint to Video in Powerpoint 2010

It is not difficult to imagine a Powerpoint presentation as a video. If your presentation includes recorded narration and specified timings, then it already has a lot of similarities to a video, aside from the file type. So if you need to submit a presentation as a video, you might be looking for a way […]

Get a Word Count in Powerpoint 2013

If you are creating a Powerpoint presentation as part of an assignment for class, then you might have a word count requirement that you need to reach. But there is not a handy counter at the bottom of the screen like there is in Word 2013, so you need to find the word count in […]