How to Hide a Selected Slide in Powerpoint 2013

Powerpoint presentations are typically created for a specific audience, which will dictate the information that you include on your slides. But sometimes you will need to show a presentation to two different groups, one of which does not need to know the information that is included on one of your slides. Rather than delete that slide, you might instead need to learn how to hide a selected slide in Powerpoint 2013.

Hiding a slide, particularly one that required a lot of work and is useful in other situations, is preferable to deleting a slide in certain situations. This tutorial will have you select the slide that you want to hide, then hide it. The hidden slide will still be visible in the thumbnail panel at the left side of the window, but will not be displayed when you are viewing the presentation as a slideshow.


Hide a Selected Slide in Powerpoint 2013

Note that hiding a slide can be problematic if you have numbered your slides. The hidden slide will not display when you are viewing the slideshow, but the slide numbers will not update to accommodate for the hidden slide. So, for example, if you hide slide 3, then the slideshow will skip from slide 2 to slide 4, but the numbering will still exist as though slide 3 was a part of the slideshow. In presentations that include hidden slides, it is probably best to remove slide numbers.


Step 1: Open your slideshow in Powerpoint 2013.


Step 2: Click the slide that you want to hide in the thumbnail panel at the left side of the window. In this example I am hiding slide 3.

select the slide to hide



Step 3: Right-click the selected slide, then click the Hide Slide option.

right-click the slide, then click hide slide



You can unhide a slide by simply following these steps again. You can also hide a slide by clicking the Slide Show tab at the top of the window, then clicking the Hide Slide button in the Set Up section of the navigational ribbon.

click the hide slide button on the slide show tab



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