How to Refresh Pivot Table Data in Excel 2013

Pivot tables in Excel 2013 are very helpful tools that let you quickly view the data from your spreadsheets in whatever way you need. Pivot tables can be easily manipulated and sorted without requiring you to edit or delete any of the important original data that is in your spreadsheet. But you might discover that […]

How to Double Underline in Excel 2013

There are many different types of formatting that you can apply to the numbers or words in your Excel spreadsheet, and even very experienced Excel users are unlikely to encounter, much less use, all of these options. One of the formatting options that I see very little of is underlining other than the standard single-underlining […]

Why Are My Column Labels Numbers Instead of Letters in Excel 2013?

When you refer to a cell in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, you are likely accustomed to doing so by indicating the column, then the row number. For example, the top-left cell in your spreadsheet would be cell A1. However, you might be using Excel and find that the columns are labeled with numbers instead of letters. […]

How to Delete a Text Box in Excel 2013

If you have a text box in an Excel spreadsheet that you need to delete, then you might be wondering how that is possible. There is a Drawing Tools tab that appears at the top of the window when you are editing your text box, but there isn’t an option on that menu that lets […]

How to Remove a Vertical Page Break in Excel 2013

Manual page breaks in Excel 2013 provide you with the opportunity to let Excel know where it should start a new page when you print. Unfortunately those manual page breaks can become a problem if you are deleting or adding rows and columns to your spreadsheet. If you find that a vertical page break is […]

How to Select the Entire Spreadsheet in Excel 2013

Cell selection in Microsoft Excel can take a variety of forms, and you may already be familiar with selecting a single cell, or a row, column, or even a range of cells. But selecting and modifying small sections of your spreadsheet can be tedious when you have to make large changes, so you might be […]

How to Delete a Comment in Excel 2013

We have previously written about how to add a comment to a cell in Excel 2013, but what if you need to delete a comment after you add it, or there is an existing comment in a spreadsheet that you don’t need anymore? Fortunately you can delete a comment in Excel 2013 in a very […]

How to Add a Comment in Excel 2013

The commenting system in Microsoft Office products like Excel is ideal when you are collaborating on a document with a team and need to question something, or suggest an edit. The alternative might be to include your comment inside a cell, or in a nearby cell, which can be problematic if that comment is not […]

How to Enlarge a Cell Horizontally in Excel 2013

You will eventually need to know how to enlarge a cell horizontally in Excel when you enter data into a cell and find that all of the data is not visible. Excel 2013 has a default cell width, and it is possible to enter enough data into that cell so that it can’t all be […]

How to Save a Spreadsheet as a One Page PDF in Excel 2013

Saving an Excel spreadsheet as a PDF is a solution that I often use when I have data that I want to share with other people, but I want to avoid giving them the option to easily edit that data. Unfortunately the PDF version of an Excel worksheet suffers from the same issues that a […]