How to Return All Worksheets in an Excel Workbook Back to Normal View

Excel 2013 has a few different view options that you can select from to help you format your spreadsheet properly. The view setting is an independent trait of each worksheet in a workbook, so it is entirely possible for you to have a single Excel workbook that contains multiple different view settings. Fortunately there is […]

How to Calculate the Number of Workdays Between Two Dates in Excel 2013

One way that you can use Excel 2013 is to keep track of ongoing projects, or important dates that occur either in your personal life or at work. If you need to know how many days fall between two dates, such as the beginning and end of a project, then you might be having difficulty […]

How to Change or Edit an Existing Header in Excel 2013

The header section of an Excel spreadsheet is a great place to add a page number, or include important information that can help to identify the printed sheet. But if you have a worksheet that you update periodically, you might find that the information currently contained within the header is no longer accurate, and that […]

How to Combine Three Columns Into One in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 makes it possible for you to automatically generate and combine data that you have already entered into your spreadsheet. One way that you can do this is the CONCATENATE formula, which allows you to combine three columns into one in Excel. This is a powerful Excel tool to know, as it can help […]

How to Count the Number of Characters in a Cell in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 has a lot of formulas that can help you to analyze your data. Often these formulas allow you to perform mathematical operations on your cells, and formulas make it easy to update those operations if you happen to change the data in one of those cells. Occasionally, however, you might need to use […]

How to Change Tracking Numbers from Scientific Notation in Excel 2013

Many large businesses will ship dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of packages in a day. Almost all of the customers receiving those packages will want a way to track their shipments, so you may find yourself in possession of an Excel file with a lot of tracking numbers. But Excel has an annoying habit […]

Why Is Excel Still Printing Lines When I Have Already Turned Off Gridlines?

Excel spreadsheets can be difficult to read when you print them without any kind of lines to separate data in cells. On paper this can cause the data in the cells to appear to blend together, making it difficult to determine the physical separation of each cell. But sometimes you will be printing a spreadsheet […]

How to Stop Excel from Removing the Second Decimal Place If It’s a Zero

Excel 2013 has a wide range of formatting choices that can be applied to cells in a worksheet. But some of the default formatting choices can be frustrating to deal with, especially when you need your numbers to display a certain way. One characteristic that you might be dealing with involves numbers with a second […]

How to Display a “0” Instead of #N/A When Using VLOOKUP in Excel 2013

The VLOOKUP formula in Microsoft Excel is one of the most efficient ways to find data in spreadsheets. It can save an incredible amount of time when compared to manually searching for cell data, and has the added benefit of being repeatable and accurate. But if the VLOOKUP formula can’t find the information that it […]

How to Remove the First Character from a Cell in Excel 2013

A lot of data that you encounter will not be formatted the way that you need it. Whether a colleague likes to add a space or a special character in front of data that they type, or they do unusual things with their information to make it sort a particular way, it isn’t uncommon for data […]