How to Use the Personal Hotspot on the iPhone 6

There is a feature on your iPhone called Personal Hotspot that allows you to use your phone’s cellular connection to share Internet access with other devices. This is very helpful if you need to get on the Internet with your tablet or laptop computer, and the iPhone is the only source of Internet access that you have.

Our tutorial below will show you how to use this feature to share your iPhone’s Internet connection with other devices, but it is very important to be careful with the feature, as it can potentially use a lot of the data that you pay for on your cellular plan.

Using the Personal Hotspot in iOS 9

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 6 Plus, in iOS 9. These same steps will work on other iPhone models using the same iOS version, as well as iPhones using iOS 8 or higher.

The Personal Hotspot can use a lot of cellular data, especially if you are streaming video. It can be beneficial to turn off cellular data usage for certain video streaming services by using the steps in this article.

  1. Tap the Settings icon.
open settings
  1. Scroll down and select the Cellular option.
open cellular
  1. Tap the Personal Hotspot button.
select personal hotspot
  1. Tap the button to the right of Personal Hotspot to turn it on. You will know that it is turned on when there is green shading around the button. You can then follow the steps on this screen to connect to the personal hotspot. You will need the name of the wireless network that is created by the personal hotspot, as well as the password that is set for it.
find personal hotspot settings

It cannot be stressed enough how much data the personal hotspot can use. If you have a limited amount of monthly data on your cellular plan, then it can go very quickly if you are streaming video or playing games.

Wi-Fi Assist is a feature in iOS 9 that can use a lot of data. This article will show you how to turn it off on your iPhone.

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