How to Change the Password for the Personal Hotspot on Your iPhone

Using the Personal Hotspot feature in iOS 7 on your iPhone 5 allows you to share your cell phone’s data connection with other devices. This is a great way to access the Internet from your computer or tablet when you aren’t near a wireless network. But the data that you use on your iPhone is more expensive than the data you use on your home or work network, so it’s important to restrict access to your hotspot. So if someone else knows the password for your hotspot and is using it, then you need to change your personal hotspot password to restrict their access.


Change the Password for Your iPhone’s Wi-Fi Tether

Note that this will require you to change the password on any device that automatically connects to your iPhone’s Wi-Fi, such as your laptop or iPad. It will also prevent anyone who was previously connected to your hotspot from connecting again unless you give them the new password.


Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

open the settings menu



Step 2: Touch the Personal Hotspot option near the top of the screen.

select the personal hotspot option



Step 3: Touch the Wi-Fi Password button.

touch the wi-fi password button



Step 4: Touch the x button to delete the previous password, enter the new password, then touch the Done button.

how to change the personal hotspot password on the iphone



If you are concerned about other people reading the information on your iPhone, then a passcode can be a helpful thing to have. Learn how to set a passcode on the iPhone 5. newsletter

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