How to Choose What Program Opens When I Click a Link in Outlook

After you have installed Microsoft Outlook on your Windows Vista computer and configured it to use an email address of your choosing, you will begin receiving messages in your Inbox. These messages will consist of a combination of text and media elements, and certain actions will occur when you interact with any of these elements. For example, if you click a link in an email message, that will cause your Web browser to open and display the contents of the page to which the link is pointing.

However, if you have more than one Web browser installed on your computer, clicking a link could open the Web page in the wrong browser. Fortunately you can choose what program opens when you click a link in Outlook.

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Specifying the Program That Opens When You Click an Outlook Link

When you are going through the process of choosing what program will open when you click a link in an Outlook message, you are setting the default Web browser on your computer. This is the Web browser that will launch when you perform an action that requires the use of your browser. On most Windows Vista computers, the default Web browser will be Internet Explorer, until you download a third-party browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

When you install one of these browsers, you are usually prompted to select that browser as the new default on your computer. However, if you elect not to set that program as the default, or if you restore Internet Explorer as the default at a later time, any Outlook email link that you click will open in Internet Explorer.

To set a different browser as the default for Outlook, click the Start button at the lower-left corner of your computer screen, then click Default Programs at the bottom-right portion of the Start menu.

set default web browser in windows vista

Click the Set your default programs link at the center of this window.

set default browser for when you click an outlook link

Scroll through the list of programs at the left side of the window until you find the Web browser that you want to open when you click a link in Outlook. Click the browser of your choice, then click the Set this program as default button at the bottom of the window.

choose your default web browser from the list of programs at the left

Once Windows Vista has set all of the defaults for your browser, it will display This program has all of its defaults at the center of the window. When you see that phrase, you can click the OK button at the bottom-right corner of the window.

You will now be able to open an email message in Microsoft Outlook and, when you click a link in a message, that link will open in a new tab in the Google Chrome Web browser.

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