How to Disable the Screensaver on a Roku TV

Your Roku TV has many of the features that you would find on other smart TVs, as well as having most of the features that you would find on a Roku set-top box.

One of these features is a screensaver that will activate when the Roku hasn’t been used in a certain period of time.

The screensaver is beneficial in preventing screen burn in caused by the same image being displayed on the screen for too long. But if you are finding that the screensaver is activating too quickly, or if you simply want to stop it from turning on at all, then you may be interested in disabling the Roku TV screensaver.

If you also have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, then our Firestick screensaver tutorial will show you how to change it or turn it off.

How to Turn off the Screensaver on a Roku TV

The steps in this guide were performed on a TCL TV with the Roku TV software. However, these same steps should work for most other TVs that use the Roku TV software.

Step 1: Select the Settings option in the left column.

open Roku TV settings

Step 2: Choose the Screensaver option.

select the Screensaver option

Step 3: Select the Change wait time option.

choose the Change wait time option

Step 4: Choose the Disable screensaver option.

how to disable the screensaver on a Roku TV

Now your Roku TV screensaver won’t turn on even if you haven’t watched anything or interacted with the menu in a long time.

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You can always come back to this screen and change the screensaver to one of the other options if you decide that you would like to keep using the screensaver.

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