How to Turn Off the Screensaver on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick has a lot of great features for people that want to stream video content affordable. But it does have some annoyances that you might want to change. For example, you may be wondering how to turn off the screensaver on your Fire Stick.

Screensavers have long been a part of computer operating systems as a means to prevent images from burning into your screen due to the same image being shown on that screen for an extended period of time.

This isn’t something that only affects computer monitors. It can also affect TV screens, too.

Due to this factor, many set-top streaming devices, like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, include a screensaver feature. This will turn on automatically after a certain period of inactivity.

However, you may find that when the Fire TV Stick screensaver turns on, it closes you out of whichever app you were watching. This means that you need to go back into that app and restart whatever you were watching.

Our guide below will show you how to disable the screensaver on the Amazon Fire TV Stick so that it no longer turns on when you haven’t been watching anything for a few minutes.

How to Turn Off the Amazon Fire Stick Screensaver

  1. Select the Settings option at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose the Display option.
  3. Select the Screensaver option.
  4. Scroll down and choose Start Time.
  5. Select the Never option.

Our article continues below with additional information on turning off the Amazon Fire TV Stick screensaver, including pictures of these steps.

How to Disable the Amazon Fire TV Stick Screensaver (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed on an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, but will work on other Fire TV Stick models as well. Note that you may become susceptible to screen burn-in by disabling the screensaver.

Step 1: Press the Home button to go to the Fire TV Stick’s home menu, then choose the Settings option at the top of the screen.

open the settings menu

Step 2: Navigate to the Display option and select it.

open the display menu

Step 3: Choose the Screensaver option.

choose the Screensaver option

Step 4: Scroll down and select the Start Time setting.

select the Start Time option

Step 5: Choose the Never option at the bottom of the list.

how to turn off the screensaver on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Change the Screensaver on Firestick

If you don’t want to turn the screensaver off entirely, but would simply rather change the one that is being used, then you have that option as well.

You can change the Amazon Fire Stick screensaver by going to:

Settings > Display & Sounds > Screensaver > Current Screensaver > then selecting the one that you would like to use.

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