How to Flag an Email for Follow Up in Outlook 2013

Many of the emails that you receive in Outlook 2013 can be acted upon almost immediately. Whether it’s deleting it, moving it to your Junk folder, or replying to it, emails that are actionable upon receipt are quite common.

But occasionally you might have an email that will require you attention later, such as a task that needs to be completed in the future, or something at your job that requires you to confirm that it is being worked on, or has been completed. For this second type of email, the Follow Up feature in Outlook 2013 can be very helpful. Outlook 2013 allows you to flag email messages so that you can filter them quickly. Our tutorial below will show you how to flag an email for follow up in Outlook 2013.


How to Apply a Follow Up Flag in Outlook 2013

The steps in this article were performed in Microsoft Outlook 2013. We are going to walk through the process of selecting an email and flagging it for Follow Up. You will then be able to search for and filter emails based upon that flag. We will also show you how to clear a flag from an email after you have finished working with it.

Step 1: Open Outlook 2013.


Step 2: Select the email that you would like to follow up on.

select an email in outlook 2013



Step 3: Click the Follow Up button in the Tags section of the ribbon, then click the Flag Message button.

how to flag an email for followup in outlook 2013



There should now be a red flag to the right of the email in your inbox. When you no longer need to have the message flagged, select it again, click the Follow Up button again, then select the Clear Flag option.

outlook 2013 how to clear flag from email



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