How to Restore a Deleted Picture on the iPhone 6 Plus

Have you ever deleted a picture from your iPhone, only to discover a little later that you wanted to use that picture for something? In earlier versions of iOS there wouldn’t have been much you could do about this, but iOS 8 now offers a Recently Deleted album.

Once your iPhone has been updated to iOS 8 or higher, any picture that you delete from your Camera Roll will be stored temporarily in this folder for 30 days. If you decide that you want to recover your iPhone pictures within that time frame, then you can simply follow our steps below to restore them to the Camera Roll.

Return Deleted Pictures to the Camera Roll on the iPhone

These steps were performed in iOS 8.1.2, on an iPhone 6 Plus. Versions of iOS prior to iOS 8 do not have this feature.

Note that there is a number of days displayed at the bottom of the image thumbnail that indicates how long before the picture will be permanently deleted. That date is 30 days from the time the picture was deleted from the Camera Roll.

If the photo that you choose to recover was also in an album, then the picture will be restored to that album as well. If the album was deleted after the picture was deleted, then the picture will only be restored to the Camera Roll.

Step 1: Open the Photos app.

open the photos app

Step 2: Select the Albums option from the bottom of the screen.

select the albums option

Step 3: Select the Recently Deleted album.

open the recently deleted album

Step 4: Select the image thumbnail of the picture that you want to restore to your Camera Roll.

select the picture to restore

Step 5: Tap the Recover button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

touch the recover button

Step 6: Tap the Recover Photo button. Your image will now be accessible from your Camera Roll.

touch the recover photo button

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Summary – How to Un-Delete an iPhone Picture

  1. Open Photos.
  2. Chose Albums.
  3. Select Recently Deleted.
  4. Tap on the picture.
  5. Choose Recover.

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