iOS 17: How to Delete Video Recordings on iPhone Easily

Deleting video recordings on your iPhone running iOS 17 is straightforward. Simply go to your Photos app, select the video(s) you want to delete, tap the trash can icon, and confirm the deletion. After completing this action, the deleted videos will be moved to the “Recently Deleted” album for 30 days before being permanently removed from your device.

After you delete a video, it’s not gone forever right away. It gets moved to the “Recently Deleted” album, where it will stay for 30 days, giving you a grace period in case you change your mind and want it back. After 30 days, the video will be permanently deleted from your device, so make sure you’re certain before you clear out that album.

You can also check out this video about how to delete video recordings on iPhone for additional information.


Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your iPhone’s camera roll, only to realize that you’ve got way too many videos hogging up precious storage space? We’ve all been there. That school play from two years ago, the dozen takes of your cat doing something ‘hilarious’, or those videos from that concert that just didn’t turn out as cool as you thought they would. Whatever the case, it’s time for a clean-up, and iOS 17 is here to help you streamline the process.

But wait, why is this important? Well, for starters, storage space on your iPhone is limited. Videos, especially those shot in high definition, can take up a hefty chunk of space. Clearing out videos you no longer need can free up space for new apps, photos, and other content. Plus, decluttering your camera roll can make it easier to find and enjoy the videos you do care about. After all, who wants to wade through a sea of unwanted footage just to find that one precious memory?

This article is for anyone with an iPhone running iOS 17 who wants to keep their digital space tidy and organized. Whether you’re a college student, a busy parent, a professional photographer, or someone who just loves shooting lots of videos, understanding how to manage your media is crucial. Let’s dive into the easy steps to delete those unwanted video recordings.

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Step by Step Tutorial for Deleting Video Recordings on iPhone

Before we begin, remember that this process will remove the selected videos from your camera roll. If you have any videos that are important or sentimental, make sure to back them up or double-check that you’re not deleting them by accident.

Step 1: Open the Photos App

Start by opening the Photos app on your iPhone.

The Photos app is where all your images and videos are stored. Once you’re in, you’ll see your media organized by albums or in your camera roll.

Step 2: Select the Video(s) to Delete

Tap “Select” on the top right corner, then tap the videos you want to delete.

As you tap each video, a blue checkmark will appear, indicating that it’s selected. You can choose multiple videos if you want to delete several at once.

Step 3: Tap the Trash Can Icon

After selecting the videos, tap the trash can icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

It’s shaped like a bin – you can’t miss it. This icon is your gateway to freeing up space and decluttering your camera roll.

Step 4: Confirm the Deletion

A prompt will appear asking if you’re sure you want to delete the selected videos. Tap “Delete Video” to confirm.

Remember, this action isn’t permanent… yet. The videos will move to the “Recently Deleted” album for 30 days before they’re gone for good.


Frees Up SpaceDeleting videos frees up storage space on your iPhone for new content.
Organizes Camera RollIt helps keep your camera roll tidy, making it easier to find the videos you want to keep.
Enhances PerformanceRemoving large files can potentially improve your iPhone’s performance.


Potential for Accidental DeletionThere’s always a risk of accidentally deleting a video you wanted to keep.
Permanency after 30 DaysAfter 30 days in the “Recently Deleted” album, there’s no way to recover deleted videos.
Time-ConsumingSelecting and deleting multiple videos can be a time-consuming process.

Video About Deleting Recordings

Additional Information

Let’s talk about some extra tips and insights when it comes to managing your video recordings on an iPhone running iOS 17. First off, always make sure your iOS is up to date. Apple frequently releases updates that can improve the way your Photos app manages media, potentially making the process even easier or more intuitive.

Another thing to consider is iCloud storage. If you’re using iCloud to back up your photos and videos, deleting them from your iPhone will also remove them from iCloud. This is essential to remember if you’re managing storage across multiple devices. However, if you have iCloud Photos turned on, you can recover deleted videos from any device that’s signed in with your Apple ID. Neat, right?

Lastly, don’t forget about other ways to back up your videos before deleting them from your iPhone. You can use a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Photos, or transfer them to your computer. And hey, if you’re deleting videos to make room for an iOS update, remember that you can also manage your storage in the iPhone settings to free up space without sacrificing your precious memories.


  1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap “Select” and choose the videos you want to delete.
  3. Hit the trash can icon.
  4. Confirm the deletion by tapping “Delete Video”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I accidentally delete a video?

If you accidentally delete a video, you can recover it from the “Recently Deleted” album within 30 days of deletion.

Can I delete multiple videos at once?

Yes, you can select and delete multiple videos at the same time by tapping each one after hitting “Select” in the Photos app.

Will deleting videos from my iPhone also remove them from iCloud?

If you have iCloud Photos enabled, deleting videos from your iPhone will also remove them from iCloud.

Is there a way to permanently delete videos immediately?

No, deleted videos will always go to the “Recently Deleted” album for 30 days before being permanently removed.

How can I back up videos before deleting them?

You can back up your videos using a cloud service like iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Photos, or transfer them to your computer.


Managing storage on your iPhone is a task we all must face, and with iOS 17, deleting video recordings is a part of that process. Whether you’re freeing up space, decluttering your media, or simply getting rid of unwanted content, following these straightforward steps will ensure that your digital space is just the way you want it.

Remember, accidents happen, so always double-check before deleting, and consider backing up precious memories. Keep your iPhone running smoothly and your camera roll organized by periodically revisiting your video collection and cleaning house. Happy organizing!

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