How to Record Video with the iPhone 5

The camera on the iPhone has been improving with each successive model, and you have probably even used it already to take pictures. The app is very easy to use and, once you have taken a picture on the device, it is very easy to share it through email or picture messaging. But there is no dedicated video camera app, which can make it difficult to figure out how to record a video if you need to do so. So continue reading below to learn how to record a video on the iPhone 5.


Use the Video Camera on the iPhone 5


The ability to record video from a mobile device has revolutionized the ease with which video can be shared and uploaded to sites like Youtube. The iPhone 5’s video camera will record both audio and video, and you can record from either the front or back camera. So follow the steps below to learn how to use the video camera on the iPhone 5.


Step 1: Open the Camera app.

open the camera app



Step 2: Locate the camera mode switch at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

locate the camera mode switch icon



Step 3: Move the switch from the still camera to the video camera.

switch to video camera mode



Step 4: Tap the record button to begin recording your video. Note that there is a camera switch icon at the top-right corner of the screen, and you can also turn on a flash using the icon at the top-left corner of the screen.

how to record video on the iphone 5



Unfortunately the video camera on the iPhone 5 doesn’t allow you to zoom. However, you can zoom with the regular camera on the iPhone 5.


You can also record video with the iPad Mini. Click here to check prices on the iPad Mini.

If you have been thinking about getting a stand-alone video camera, consider the selection on Amazon. Video cameras have become a lot more affordable in recent years, and they are often small enough to fit in a purse or small bag, allowing you to record important events in stunning HD resolution. newsletter

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