Copy a Row From One Sheet to Another in Google Docs

Data that you store in a spreadsheet on Google Docs can have value to you in other places than just that spreadsheet.

Maybe you have a multi-sheet spreadsheet that requires the addition of that data, or maybe you are working on an entirely separate spreadsheet where that information might prove valuable.

Regardless of the situation, the ability to copy data from one cell to another using the Copy and Paste functions of Google Docs can be a time saver.

But what if you need to copy more than one cell, or even an entire row? Luckily the copy and paste functionality of the application extends to entire sets of cells, allowing you to easily copy an entire row from one sheet to another in Google Docs.

Copy and Paste an Entire Row Between Sheets in Google Docs

You can access your Google Docs spreadsheets by navigating to the Google Docs home page at If you are not signed into your Google Account, enter your email address and password into the fields at the right side of the window, then click Sign In.

The next screen will display a list of all the Google Docs documents, spreadsheets and presentations you have created. Click the spreadsheet containing the sheets that you want to copy and paste between. If you want to copy and paste an entire row between separate spreadsheets, then you will need to open both spreadsheets now.

Navigate to the sheet that contains the row you want to copy.

Click the row number at the left side of the window to select the entire row.

copy a row from one sheet to another in google docs

Press Ctrl + C on your keyboard to copy the row to your clipboard.

Navigate to the sheet or spreadsheet into which you wish to paste this copied row. You can navigate between individual sheets of your spreadsheet by clicking the sheet names at the bottom of the window.

Click the row number at the left side of the window for the row into which the data will be pasted.

paste your copied row in google docs

Press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste your copied row.

Note that you can also use this copy and paste functionality to copy and paste rows between Google Docs and other programs, such as Microsoft Excel.

This same process will also work for copying entire columns and groups of cells between sheets as well.

If you’ve downloaded a copy of your Google Sheets spreadsheet as an Excel file and you can’t find it, then you might want to read this article on finding Google Chrome downloads. newsletter

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