Turn Off All Cellular Data on Your iPhone 5

We have previously discussed some of the issues that the iPhone 5’s amazing access to data can cause, such as excessive use of streaming video on Netflix, and we have explained how to disable cellular data use in the Netflix app. But even though Netflix might be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to excessive data consumption, there are still a number of other ways that you might be using a lot of data. So if you are in a foreign country and don’t want to use data, or if you are close to your monthly data cap and want to prevent yourself from going over, one easy way to monitor that is to turn off the use of all cellular data.


Disabling Cellular Data Usage on the iPhone 5


One of the nice things about using this feature is that it allows you to know when you are and are not connected to a WiFi network. Because of the ease of use of the iPhone 5, it can be difficult to remember all of the places for which you have configured a wireless network connection, so you might assume that you are on a WiFi network when you are not. So, with this setting enabled, you will simply be unable to use any data on your phone at all while you are not on a WiFi connection.

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon to launch the iPhone Settings menu.

tap the Settings icon

Open the iPhone 5 Settings menu


Step 2: Select the General option.

select the General option

Open the General Menu


Step 3: Touch the Cellular option.

select the Cellular option

Open the Cellular Menu


Step 4: Tap the button to the right of Cellular Data so that it is switched to Off.

turn off all cellular data on the iPhone 5

Turn the Cellular Data option to Off


Now when you go to use an application that requires data, that data will not be downloaded while you are on a cellular network.

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