How to Delete Cookies on an iPhone 6

Cookies are an important part of browsing the Internet, as they provide ways for websites to remember information that is helpful when you use those sites. Cookies can include information such as items that you have added to your cart, or they can remember that you have logged into an account.

But if you are troubleshooting an issue with Safari on your iPhone, then one common step to take is to delete the cookies on the device. This can be a difficult option to find, however, if you have never had to delete cookies on your iPhone before. Our guide below will show you where to find this option so that you can complete the cookie removal from Safari on your device.


Clearing Cookies on an iPhone in iOS 9

The steps in this article will delete your cookies, history and other browsing data. It will not delete saved passwords or credit cards. It will also only delete cookies from the Safari browser. If you use another browser on your iPhone, such as Chrome, it will not delete the cookies from there.

You can set up your iPhone so that it never accepts cookies. Note, however, that enabling that setting can make it difficult to browse websites where you need to sign in with an account.


  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. open the settings menu



  3. Scroll down and select the Safari option.
  4. open the safari menu



  5. Scroll down and select the Clear History and Website Data option.
  6. clear cookies on an iphone 6



  7. Tap the red Clear History and Data button to confirm that you wish to delete this information from your device.

confirm cookie deletion



If you would prefer to keep browsing data for some sites, then you can do so by deleting the data for individual sites instead. This can be done at:

Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data

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