Where Do I Find and Delete My iPhone 15 Cookies?: A Step-by-Step Guide

To delete cookies on your iPhone 15, simply go to the Settings app, scroll down to Safari, and tap on “Clear History and Website Data.” This action will remove all your browsing history, cookies, and other browsing data.

After completing this action, your iPhone will no longer have a record of your browsing history, and you will be logged out of any websites you were previously signed into.

You can also watch this video about how to clear iPhone cookies for more on this topic.


Have you ever felt like your iPhone knows a little too much about you? Maybe you’ve been talking about planning a vacation, and suddenly you’re bombarded with ads for flights and hotels. Well, the culprit might be cookies—tiny bits of data that websites use to remember information about you. Now, if you’re using an iPhone 15 and you want to clear these cookies, you’re in the right place.

Why, you might ask, should you care about cookies? For starters, clearing your cookies can help protect your privacy. It can also free up some space on your device and potentially make it run faster. And if you’re having trouble with websites loading or behaving correctly, deleting cookies can often solve the problem. So whether you’re a privacy enthusiast, a speed demon, or just someone trying to troubleshoot a pesky website issue, this article is relevant to you.

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Step by Step Tutorial to Clear Cookies on iPhone 15

This section will guide you through the steps to find and delete cookies on your iPhone 15 to keep your browsing data private and your device running smoothly.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone 15.

Navigating to the Settings app is the first step in the process. The icon looks like a gear, and you’ll find it on your home screen or in your App Library.

Step 2: Scroll to Safari

Scroll down and select Safari from the list of options.

Safari is the default web browser on iPhone, and it’s where all your browsing data, including cookies, are stored.

Step 3: Clear History and Website Data

Tap on “Clear History and Website Data” and confirm the action.

This step will remove all your browsing history, cookies, and other browsing data. It’s a one-stop-shop to getting a cleaner, fresher start on your web browsing experience.


Improved PrivacyClearing cookies removes personal data that websites have collected about you, enhancing your privacy.
Better PerformanceRemoving cookies can help your iPhone run faster by freeing up storage space and eliminating unnecessary data.
TroubleshootingDeleting cookies can fix issues with websites not loading or functioning properly on your browser.


Logged OutClearing cookies will log you out of any websites you were signed into, which can be inconvenient.
Lost DataAny preferences or settings saved on websites will be erased, meaning you’ll need to reconfigure them.
Time ConsumingIf you have to clear cookies frequently, the process can become time-consuming and repetitive.

Video About Cookie Deletion

Additional Information

While clearing cookies on your iPhone 15 is a straightforward process, there are some other things to consider. First, if you’re concerned about privacy, you might want to enable the “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” feature in Safari settings. This prevents advertisers and other third parties from tracking your browsing activity from one site to another.

Another tip is to use Private Browsing mode when you don’t want your iPhone to keep a record of your browsing activity. This mode doesn’t save your browsing history, cookies, or other data, though you can still bookmark sites and save webpages to your Reading List.

Finally, some cookies are actually useful. They can remember your login details and preferences, making your browsing experience more convenient. So before you clear all cookies, consider whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks in your situation.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and select Safari.
  3. Tap on “Clear History and Website Data.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites save on your device to remember information about you, like your login details or browsing preferences.

Will clearing cookies affect my bookmarks and Reading List in Safari?

No, clearing cookies will not affect your bookmarks or Reading List. These items are stored separately from your browsing history and cookies.

Can I delete cookies for just one website?

Yes, you can manage website data on a site-by-site basis in Safari settings under the “Advanced” section.

What is the difference between cookies and cache?

Cookies are used to store information about you, while cache stores elements of webpages to help them load faster on subsequent visits.

Should I clear cookies regularly?

It depends on your personal preference for privacy and device performance. Some users prefer to clear cookies frequently to protect their data, while others find it unnecessary.


Knowing how to find and delete cookies on your iPhone 15 is a valuable skill in the digital age. It puts you in control of your online privacy and can help your device run better. Plus, it’s a simple process that takes just a few taps.

Whether you’re troubleshooting a website, looking to safeguard your personal information, or just doing some digital spring cleaning, clearing your cookies is a smart move. So go ahead, give your iPhone 15 the clean slate it deserves, and enjoy a fresh browsing experience.

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