How to Change to Automatic for a Video Sequence in PowerPoint

Changing a video sequence to automatic in PowerPoint can be incredibly useful for presentations. It allows the video to play without manually clicking play during the presentation. In just a few simple steps, you can set your video to play automatically when you reach that slide in your presentation.

Step by Step Tutorial: Changing to Automatic for a Video Sequence in PowerPoint

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re about to do. Setting your video to play automatically means that when you reach the slide with the video, it will start playing without any extra clicks. This is perfect for smooth transitions during a presentation.

Step 1: Insert Your Video

First, you need to insert the video into your PowerPoint slide.

After you’ve inserted the video, you can resize and move it to fit your slide as needed.

Step 2: Select the Video

Click on the video to select it.

This will bring up the Video Tools menu at the top of PowerPoint.

Step 3: Click on the Playback Tab

In the Video Tools menu, click on the Playback tab.

This tab contains all the settings for how your video will play during the presentation.

Step 4: Set the Video to Play Automatically

Under the Video Options group, click on the drop-down menu next to ‘Start’ and select ‘Automatically’.

This will set your video to start playing as soon as you reach the slide it’s on.

After you’ve set the video to play automatically, it’s a good idea to preview the slide to make sure it plays correctly.

What Happens Next

Now that you’ve set your video to play automatically, when you run your presentation, the video will start playing on its own. This is great for keeping your presentation hands-free and seamless.

Tips: Making the Most of Automatic Video Sequences in PowerPoint

  • Make sure your video file is compatible with PowerPoint.
  • Test your automatic video play before the actual presentation to ensure it works smoothly.
  • Consider the timing of your video – if it’s too long, it may disrupt the flow of your presentation.
  • Use high-quality video files to avoid any playback issues.
  • Keep your slide design simple to avoid distracting from the video content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a video to my PowerPoint presentation?

You can insert a video by going to the Insert tab and selecting Video. From there, you can choose a video file from your computer.

Can I use videos from the internet in my PowerPoint?

Yes, you can insert online videos by selecting the Online Video option under the Insert tab.

How do I preview my video in PowerPoint?

Click on the video and then use the controls under the Playback tab to preview it.

Can I set a video to loop continuously in PowerPoint?

Yes, in the Playback tab, you can select Loop Until Stopped from the Video Options group.

Will my automatic video play when I convert my PowerPoint to a PDF?

No, automatic video playback is a feature that only works in PowerPoint presentation mode.


  1. Insert your video into the PowerPoint slide.
  2. Select the video.
  3. Click on the Playback tab in the Video Tools menu.
  4. Set the video to play automatically.


Setting a video to play automatically in PowerPoint can take your presentation to the next level. Imagine not having to worry about clicking ‘play’ during your talk. Instead, you can focus on delivering your message while your video flawlessly plays at the right moment. Not only does this feature make your presentation look more professional, but it also helps you maintain a natural flow, keeping your audience engaged. Remember, always test your slides before the big day to make sure everything runs smoothly. And there you have it – you’re now ready to change to automatic for a video sequence in PowerPoint!