How to Insert Slide Number PowerPoint: The Ultimate 2024 Guide

Adding slide numbers to your PowerPoint presentation is a straightforward process. In just a few steps, you can have your slides numbered, making them easier to reference and navigate. It’s especially useful if you’re dealing with a hefty presentation or need to guide your audience through your slides. Let’s get right into it!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Insert Slide Number PowerPoint

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about why you’d want to add slide numbers. They’re great for keeping track of where you are in a presentation, especially if you’re rehearsing or if your audience needs to reference specific slides. Now, let’s learn how to make your slides numbered.

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint ‘Insert’ tab.

Once you’re in your PowerPoint presentation, look at the top of the screen for a list of tabs. Click on the ‘Insert’ tab to get started.

In the ‘Insert’ tab, you’ll find a bunch of different tools that let you add various elements to your slides, like images, shapes, and, of course, slide numbers.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Slide Number’ button.

In the ‘Insert’ tab, you’ll see a section called ‘Text’. Here, look for the ‘Slide Number’ button and give it a click.

When you click this button, a new window will pop up, giving you options for how and where your slide numbers will show up.

Step 3: Choose where to place the slide numbers.

In the pop-up window, you’ll see options to add numbers to all your slides, or just the ones you select. You can also decide if you want the first slide to be numbered or not.

If you’re creating a title slide, you might want to leave it unnumbered. That way, your presentation starts clean and professional.

Step 4: Apply slide numbers to your presentation.

Once you’ve made all your selections in the pop-up window, go ahead and click ‘Apply’ or ‘Apply to All’ to add the numbers to your slides.

After you click ‘Apply’, you’ll see the slide numbers appear in the same spot on each slide. Now, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your slides – the numbers do it for you!

After completing these steps, you’ll see the slide numbers appear on your slides, typically at the bottom right corner. This will make your presentation look more organized and will help both you and your audience keep track of the information being presented.

Tips for Inserting Slide Number PowerPoint

  • Make sure you’re in ‘Normal’ view or ‘Slide Master’ view to insert slide numbers successfully.
  • Customize the font style and size of your slide numbers to match your presentation’s design.
  • If you’re using a template, check if it already includes a placeholder for slide numbers.
  • Remember to update your slide numbers if you add or remove slides from your presentation.
  • Use the ‘Hide Slide’ feature if you want to skip numbering particular slides without deleting them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove slide numbers from my PowerPoint presentation?

To remove slide numbers, simply go back to the ‘Insert’ tab, click on ‘Slide Number’, uncheck the ‘Slide number’ box, and apply the changes.

Can I add slide numbers to only specific slides in my PowerPoint presentation?

Yes, you can. Select the slides you want to number by holding ‘Ctrl’ and clicking on them. Then, follow the same steps to insert slide numbers, and click ‘Apply’ instead of ‘Apply to All’.

Will slide numbers appear on printed handouts?

Slide numbers will appear on printed handouts if you choose to include them. Make sure to preview your handouts before printing to ensure the numbers are displayed as you desire.

What do I do if slide numbers are not showing up?

Ensure that you’re not in ‘Slide Sorter’ or ‘Reading’ view, as slide numbers won’t be visible there. Also, check if the slide number placeholder is turned on in the ‘Slide Master’.

How do I change the formatting of slide numbers in PowerPoint?

To change the formatting, go to ‘Slide Master’ view, select the slide numbers, and use the formatting options available in the ‘Home’ tab, just like you would format any other text.


  1. Open the PowerPoint ‘Insert’ tab.
  2. Click on the ‘Slide Number’ button.
  3. Choose where to place the slide numbers.
  4. Apply slide numbers to your presentation.


So there you have it, a straightforward guide on how to insert slide number PowerPoint that’ll keep your presentations clean and organized. Remember, it’s the little things like slide numbers that can make a big difference in the overall quality and professionalism of your presentation. And once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as pie!

Adding slide numbers isn’t just about keeping track; it’s about refining your presentation to ensure that every aspect is polished to perfection. Whether you’re presenting to a small group or a large audience, slide numbers make it easier for you and the viewers to follow along and reference specific points without confusion.

And don’t forget, PowerPoint is a powerful tool with lots of features to explore. Take the time to dive deeper and learn all the ins and outs – who knows what other handy tricks you might discover?

As you continue to build your presentation skills, always remember that attention to detail is key. The more care you put into each slide, the more your audience will appreciate and engage with your content. So go ahead, give those slides numbers, and knock your next presentation out of the park!

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