How to Block a Contact on an iPhone 6

Adding contacts to your iPhone is a simple way to ensure that you do not lose a phone number. Whether you are creating a contact for a family  member, friend, or work colleague, the ability to search for that person via name, phone number, or any other contact data that you include can make it a lot easier to keep in touch.

But occasionally a contact that you had previously created may become a problem, and you would prefer that they not be able to reach you on your iPhone anymore. Fortunately your iPhone 6 has a tool that allows you to block a contact so that they are unable to reach you from their listed contact methods either via phone number, text message, or FaceTime.

Blocking a Contact in iOS 9

The steps in this article were written using an iPhone 6 Plus, in iOS 9. These same steps will work for iPhone models running iOS 7 or higher.

We will be accessing a contact through the Contacts portion of your Phone app in the steps below, then blocking the contact that way. You can also block a contact in your Recent Calls list if you received a phone call, but the person has not been saved to your device. You can also go directly to your contacts via the Contacts app. If you don’t know where the Contacts app is, then this article can show you how to find it.

  1. Open the Phone app.
open the phone app
  1. Tap the Contacts option at the bottom of the screen.
select the contacts tab
  1. Select the name of the contact that you want to block on your iPhone 6.
select the contact to block
  1. Tap the Block this Caller button at the bottom of the screen. Note that you might have to scroll down a bit if you have a lot of information listed for that contact.
tap the block this caller button
  1. Tap the Block Contact button to confirm that you wish to prevent this person from being able to contact you via phone call, text message or FaceTime.
tap the block contact button

Would you like to see all of the contacts and phone numbers that you have blocked on your iPhone? You can view your list of blocked callers at any time. Is there someone on that list that shouldn’t be there? You can also unblock a caller that was either blocked by accident, or who you no longer wish to block.

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