How to Get an App Out of the Way on the iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 places app icons on your Home screen, then creates subsequent home screens for apps that don’t fit on full screens. So you can access additional home screens by swiping left or right. The first Home screen is your default screen, and is the one that you will be taken to when you press the Home button at the bottom of your phone. So it makes sense to put your favorite and most-used apps here. But your iPhone places the default apps on this home screen, and many of these apps cannot be deleted. So an easy way to get these apps out of the way is to simply move them to later home screens that you visit less frequently. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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Moving Apps to Other Screens on the iPhone 5

Reorganizing your Home screen is a great way to take frustration out of using your iPhone, especially if you have installed a lot of apps. You can put your most frequently used icons in the dock at the bottom of your screen so that they are visible on every screen, and you can put your other favorite apps on the first home screen. This avoids unnecessary navigation, and will save you time finding the apps that you use a lot.

Step 1: Touch and hold an app or app folder icon that you want to move from your first home screen until it starts to shake. In the example below, I am moving the Newsstand icon.

how to get apps out of the way on the iphone 5

Step 2: Drag the icon to the right side of the screen, at which point your iPhone will start navigating to the next Home screen.

drag the app icon to the right side of the screen

Step 3: Continue dragging the app icon to the next screen until you have reached the desired new location for the app, then drag it to the preferred location on that screen.

drag it to the new position

Step 4: Touch the Home button at the bottom of your phone to set the new placement and stop your apps from shaking.

press the home button to set the new position

You will notice in the image above that my Newsstand icon is now on my 8th Home screen, where it is taking up less valuable screen space.

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Another way to organize apps on your iPhone 5 is by making app folders. This helps to consolidate apps by type, which can provide you with easy access to additional icons on your first home screen, or can allow you to place more of the uninstallable default apps in one location. newsletter

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