How to Copy Formatting in Google Docs

When you are researching a paper or putting together a document that includes information from multiple sources, it’s common to simply copy and paste relevant information. Unfortunately many of the places from which you may be copying that information will use different formatting. This results in a document with a number of different formatting styles (such as strikethrough) that can look very disjointed, and make it difficult for your readers.

While you could go through and painstakingly adjust individual formatting settings, another option is to use the Paint format tool in Google Docs. This allows you to select the formatting applied to some text in your document, then copy that formatting to other parts of the document.

How to Use Paint Format to Copy Formatting in Google Docs

The steps in this guide are going to show you how to select a portion of your document that contains specific formatting, copy that formatting, then apply it to a different part of the document. This is helpful when you are combining information from multiple sources that all have different formatting, but you need to have the final document appear cohesive.

Step 1: Open your Google Drive at and open the document containing the text for which you wish to copy the formatting.

Step 2: Select the text with the formatting that you wish to copy.

select text with formatting to copy

Step 3: Click the Paint format button in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

how to copy and paste formatting in google docs

Step 4: Select the text to which you wish to apply the copied formatting. Once the text is selected, Google Docs will automatically apply the formatting to it.

paint formats in google docs

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