How to Remove a Link from a Document in Google Docs

The steps in this guide are going to show you how to remove a hyperlink from a document in Google Docs. We cover the steps briefly at the start of the article, then continue with pictures of the steps and additional information.

Yield: Removes a hyperlink from a Google Docs document

How to Remove a Hyperlink in Google Docs

how to remove a hyperlink in google docs

These steps will help you to delete an existing hyperlink from a Google Docs document.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Active Time 2 minutes
Total Time 4 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Google Docs file with a hyperlink to remove


  • Google Account
  • Google Docs


  1. Open the file in Google Docs.
  2. Click on the linked text.
  3. Select the Remove option.


  • You can access your Google Drive by going to
  • You can use this same method to edit an existing link by choosing the Change option instead of Remove.
  • Google Docs has a setting on the Tools > Preferences menu called "Automatically detect links" that you can turn off so that it stops automatically turning Web addresses into links.

The ability to add a link to a document is something that can come in handy for any program that allows that functionality. Creating a clickable object called a hyperlink means that someone can click on a word in your document and open a page on the Internet that is relevant to the topic of the document.

But you may find that a linked page in no longer relevant to the document, that the page has been removed, or that you simply don’t need to include the link inside the document. Fortunately removing a hyperlink in Google Docs is almost as simple as creating one in the first place, so you should be able to take the link out of your document in just a few moments.

How to Delete a Link in Google Docs

The steps in this article were performed on a document in Google Docs that has an existing hyperlink. Once you complete these steps, the link will be removed. However, the text to which the hyperlink is applied (also called “anchor text”) will remain in the document. Additionally, the underline that indicates the presence of a link will be removed, unless you have separately applied additional formatting to the text. If you need to draw a line through a word, read this article on using strikethrough in Google Docs.

Step 1: Go to Google Drive at and double-click on the document containing the hyperlink that you want to remove.

Step 2: Click on any part of the text containing the hyperlink.

how to delete a google docs hyperlink

Step 3: Click the Remove button to delete the hyperlink from the document.

how to remove a hyperlink in google docs

Additional Information on Google Docs Links

  • You can insert a link in Google Docs in a couple of different ways. First, if you select text then right-click on it, there is a Link option that lets you add hyperlinks. Second, the insert link keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + K. Third, you can click on the Insert tab at the top of the window, then choose the Link option there. Finally there is a link button in the toolbar above the document.
  • You can remove a hyperlink in Google Sheets by right-clicking on the hyperlink, then choosing the Unlink option.
  • If you want to remove hyperlinks from the entire Google Docs document you will need to download a Google Docs add-on called Text Cleaner. You can get it by going to Add-ons, searching for “Text Cleaner” then installing the add-on.
  • To edit link information in Google Docs, click on the linked text, then choose the Change option.
  • If you download your Google document in the Microsoft Word format and need to remove a hyperlink there, you can do so by opening the Word document, selecting the linked text, then right-clicking on it and choosing the Remove hyperlink option.
  • If you need to remove links from Google Docs every time you type Web addresses, then you might want to turn off the setting that causes the link to be created whenever you type a Web page address. Go to Tools > Preferences, then remove the check mark next to Automatically detect links and click the OK button.

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