How to Only Show the Name or Number for a Text Message on the iPhone

We have written about how to set a passcode on your iPhone, which is an important step towards securing your device from people that shouldn’t be looking at your phone.

But you might have a setting enabled on your iPhone where a preview of a text message is shown on your lock screen.

While this is meant to be helpful, it can allow anyone with access to your phone to view that preview, as they do not need to unlock the device to see it.

So if you are worried about keeping the information contained within your text messages a secret, then you can follow our guide below to learn how to stop showing these text message previews on your iPhone’s lock screen.

You can also mute the notifications for sensitive conversations if you don’t want them popping up on your screen either.

How to Stop Displaying Text Message Previews on the iPhone Lock Screen (Guide with Pictures)

This tutorial is going to change the notification settings on your iPhone so that only the contact name or the phone number (if the sender of the message is not a contact) will be displayed on your lock screen when you receive a text message.

It will also change this behavior if you receive banner notifications at the top of your screen as well.

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Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

open the settings menu

Step 2: Select the Notification Center option.

open the notification center settings

Step 3: Scroll down and select the Messages option.

select the messages option

Step 4: Scroll down and touch the button to the right of Show Preview to turn it off.

There will not be any green shading around the button when it is turned off, as in the image below.

how to stop showing text message previews on the iphone lock screen

Now that you know how to adjust whether or not you see a preview of the text messages that you receive on your iPhone, you will be able to switch this setting based on your environment and whether or not you want anyone passing by your phone to be able to see parts of the text messages that you are receiving.

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In newer versions of the iOS operating system, there is no longer a “Notification Center” option in the Settings app. It has now been replaced by an option that is just called “Notifications.” You can still select the Messages option from that menu and change the setting for text message previews, however.

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