How to Remove the Dollar Sign in Google Sheets

Properly formatting values in a spreadsheet is an important consideration in making the data easy to interpret for your readers. In the case of monetary values, using a standardized format, specifically one that will always use two decimal places, makes it easier to evaluate a lot of numerical values in a column.

But the Google Sheets currency formatting will place a dollar symbol in front of your cell values, which may not be something that you want. Our guide below will show you how to change this formatting so that you keep the two decimal places, but lose the dollar sign.

How to Format Currency Without a Dollar Symbol in Google Sheets

The steps in this guide are performed in the Web browser version of Google Sheets. These steps assume that you are seeing dollar symbols in your cells as the result of a formatting setting that is currently applied. If the dollar symbol is actually a part of the text contained within the cell, rather than the result of formatting, then you may need to manually delete those characters.

Step 1: Go to Google Drive at and open the spreadsheet file that you wish to reformat.

Step 2: Select the cells containing the dollar symbol formatting that you want to remove.

select the cells to reformat

Step 3: Click the More formats button in the gray toolbar above the spreadsheet.

click the more formats button

Step 4: Select the Number option.

how to remove dollar sign in google sheets

The cell values should now be formatted correctly, without the dollar symbols. They should also preserve the two decimal positions that are usually preferred for currency values. If not, you can click the Decrease decimal places or Increase decimal places until the cell values are formatted to your liking.

change number of decimal places in google sheets

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