How to Invite Someone to View a Google Docs File by Email

The interactions that exist between your Gmail account and your Google Docs files makes it very easy for you to share files with other people. Whether you prefer to do this by creating a link, or directly emailing someone an invitation to the file, then choice is up to you.

Our tutorial below will show you how to invite someone to view your Google Docs by by sending them an email with the invitation. You can enter the email address or name yourself, and even include a note about the file with the email.

How to Send a Link for a Google Docs File By Email Through Google Drive

The steps in this article were performed in Google Chrome in Windows 7, but will also work in other Web browsers in Windows 7 or 10. Note that if you send someone a link to your Docs file in this manner you will be able to revoke their access later in the future, if you so choose.

Step 1: Open your Google Drive at and sign into your account if you aren’t signed in already.

Step 2: Select the Docs file to which you would like to invite someone.

select the file you want to share

Step 3: Click the Share “XXXX” button, where “XXXX” is replaced by the name of the Docs file.

how to share by email from google docs

Step 4: Type the email address of the desired recipient into the Enter names or email addresses field, add a note if you want to, then click the Done button.

how to send a google docs invitation by email

The recipient will then get an email with a link to the file that they can click to open it in Google Docs.

If you would rather simply generate a link that you can give people so that they can view your file, then this article can show you how to do that. Note, however, that when you create a link using that method, that anyone with the link can view the file. newsletter

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