How to Delete an Extension in Google Chrome

There are a lot of different extensions that you can add to Google Chrome to help make your Web browsing activities simpler.

However, you might find that you do not use some of them at all, and they are just slowing down the browser. This can be especially true if you choose to install a very large number of extensions.

Disabling an extension is a pretty easy task, and it can be done in a number of different ways. But if you know that you will never use an extension again, then you will want to know how to delete or uninstall an extension in Google Chrome.

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Removing an Extension from Google Chrome

Disabling and uninstalling an extension are two different things. You can disable an extension simply by right-clicking it, then clicking Disable.

disable chrome extension

However, that extension is still there, as Chrome wants to give you the option of re-enabling it later if you so desire. If you know that you are not going to want to use the extension again and simply want to remove it fro your Google Chrome installation, then follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome.

Step 2: Click the Wrench icon at the top-right corner of the window, click Tools, then click Extensions.

how to delete an extension in google chrome

Step 3: Hover over the extension you want to delete or uninstall from Chrome, then click the trash can icon that displays to the right of the extension name.

trash an extension

Step 4: Click the Remove button to confirm that you wish to completely uninstall the extension from Google Chrome.

If you do decide that you want to re-install the extension again in the future, then you will need to follow the steps that you had originally followed to acquire and install the extension initially. It will no longer accessible from your Chrome installation until you have re-installed it.

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