How to Hide Message Notifications from the Lock Screen in Android Marshmallow

Last updated on May 11th, 2023 at 03:29 pm

The lock screen is often a convenient location for the notifications that you receive from your apps. It is easy to view, even when the device is locked, allowing you to keep up on information from your phone without constantly having to unlock it and open an app.

But your personal method of usage may create a situation where you would prefer not to see notifications about text messages on your lock screen. Fortunately this is a setting that you can configure, so continue reading below if you would like to remove text message notifications from the lock screen of your Android Marshmallow phone.


How to Remove Text Message Notifications from the Lock Screen in Marshmallow

The steps in this article assume that you currently see text message notifications on your lock screen, and that you would like to stop that from happening. Note that if you would prefer to simply stop showing the previews of your text messages, then this article will show you how to change that setting. But if you want to stop lock screen text message notifications entirely, then continue below.

Step 1: Select the Apps folder.

open apps folder

Step 2: Touch the Settings icon.

marshmallow settings app



Step 3: Scroll down and open the Notifications menu.

open notifications menu



Step 4: Choose the Advanced option at the top-right of the screen.

advanced notification settings



Step 5: Scroll down and select the Messages option.

message notification settings



Step 6: Tap the button to the right of Hide on lock screen to turn it on.

how to hide text message notifications from the lock screen in android marshmallow



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