How to Unequip a Rocket Radar in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has a feature that lets you battle members of Team Rocket. As you battle the regular grunts, you gain components. Once you have six components, you are able to combine them and create a Rocket Radar that lets you battle team leaders.

These team leader battles are a little tougher than the regular grunt battles. There is also a Super Rocket Radar that lets you battle Giovanni, the Team Rocket Boss.

With the introduction of Team Rocket balloons, it’s very likely that you will battle a team leader or the boss if one of your radars are equipped. However, you may not want to battle one of these bosses yet, but you may still want to battle the regular grunts.

Fortunately it’s possible to unequip a Rocket Radar in Pokemon Go so that you don’t need to engage in these tougher battles just yet.

How to Unequip a Rocket Radar in Pokemon Go

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 11 in iOS 13.5.1. Note that unequipping the radar won’t delete it or remove it from your inventory. You will be able to equip the radar in the future when you want to use it.

Step 1: Open Pokemon Go.

open Pokemon Go

Step 2: Touch the Pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen.

tap the Pokeball icon

Step 3: Tap the Items button.

open the Items menu

Step 4: Scroll down and tap the radar that you want to unequip. The equipped radar has a green check mark on it.

Step 5: Touch the Unequip button.

how to unequip a Rocket Radar in Pokemon Go

Once you are ready to use the radar in the future, simply return to it on the Items screen and tap the radar to equip it.

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