How to Delete App Data in iPhone 12: A Step-by-Step Guide

Got an iPhone 12 and need to delete app data? It’s simpler than you might think. All you need to do is head to your iPhone’s settings, find the app whose data you want to erase, and clear it out. Don’t worry, it won’t bite. Ready to free up some space on your device? Let’s dive in!

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Delete App Data in iPhone 12

Before we start, know that deleting app data can help your iPhone run smoother and free up precious storage space. So, if your phone is feeling a bit sluggish or you’re running out of room for those all-important selfies, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Open Settings

Tap on the Settings app on your iPhone 12.

Your Settings app is where the magic happens. It’s the control center for just about everything on your phone, so it’s no surprise that’s where we start the data deletion process.

Step 2: Scroll to ‘General’

Swipe up until you find the ‘General’ option and select it.

‘General’ settings are sort of the brain of your iPhone’s operation settings. It’s got all the nitty-gritty details for your phone’s overall functioning.

Step 3: Tap ‘iPhone Storage’

In the General settings, find and tap on ‘iPhone Storage.’

This is where you’ll see what’s eating up your storage space. Every app and its data will be listed here, so it’s easy to pinpoint the culprits hogging your memory.

Step 4: Select the App

Scroll through the list and select the app whose data you want to delete.

Each app will show you how much space it’s using. Some might surprise you with how much they’re storing.

Step 5: Tap ‘Delete App’

After selecting the app, you’ll see the option to ‘Delete App.’ Tap it.

This will remove the app and all of its data from your iPhone. If you just want to delete the data and not the app, some apps offer the option of ‘Offload App,’ which keeps the app but removes its data.

After you complete the action, the selected app and its data will be gone from your iPhone 12. This means more storage space and possibly a faster, happier iPhone. Keep in mind, once you delete the data, it’s gone for good, so make sure you’ve saved any important information elsewhere before hitting that delete button.

Tips for Deleting App Data in iPhone 12

  • Always make sure to backup important data before deleting an app.
  • Consider using the ‘Offload App’ feature if you want to keep the app but delete the data.
  • Regularly check your iPhone Storage to keep tabs on which apps are using the most space.
  • Deleting app data can often resolve issues you might be having with an app.
  • Don’t forget to delete the data of apps you rarely use to free up space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does deleting app data do?

Deleting app data removes all the information the app has stored on your device, which can free up storage space and potentially improve your iPhone’s performance.

Will deleting app data delete my account?

No, deleting app data from your iPhone will not delete your account with the app’s service. However, you may need to re-enter your login details next time you use the app.

Can I recover app data after deleting it?

Once app data is deleted, it’s usually gone for good unless you’ve backed it up elsewhere.

Is it safe to delete app data?

Yes, it’s safe to delete app data, but make sure you don’t need any of the stored information before doing so.

Does deleting an app delete its data?

Yes, deleting an app usually deletes its data, but some apps may store data in the cloud, which won’t be removed by deleting the app from your device.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll to ‘General’
  3. Tap ‘iPhone Storage’
  4. Select the App
  5. Tap ‘Delete App’


Clearing out app data on your iPhone 12 is a great way to declutter your digital life and ensure your device runs smoothly. It’s like giving your iPhone a mini detox, and who doesn’t love a fresh start? With the step-by-step guide provided, you’ll be a pro at managing your iPhone storage in no time. Remember to back up any data you don’t want to lose forever, and regularly check in on your storage usage to stay ahead of the game. Your iPhone 12 is a powerful tool—keep it that way by keeping it clean and organized. Happy decluttering!