How to Show the BCC Field in Outlook 2010

There are numerous situations that you might find yourself in when you are sending an email message in Outlook 2010. If you send enough emails, however, you will encounter a message that you want to send to a number of different people, but you do not want each recipient to know about the others who are receiving the message. This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to show the BCC field in Outlook 2010, as any email address that you place in the BCC field will receive a copy of the message, but the other recipients will not know that they have been included.


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Whether you are sending out a newsletter or mass email to a number of your customers or you are writing a specifically important email to a contact, you can often find yourself in a situation where you do not want to divulge every person that is receiving a copy of a message. Additionally, you may not want a recipient to have a particular address of list of addresses, because they might be able to use that information in a way that could negatively impact you. Rest assured, though, that using the BCC function in Outlook 2010 is a perfectly common practice and is one that you are likely to find your own specific set of uses for.


Step 1: Launch Outlook 2010.

Step 2: Click the New E-mail button to open the message window, although you will not be sending this message. It merely contains the setting that you need to configure to be able to add BCC addresses.

create new message outlook 2010


Step 3: Click the Options tab at the top of the window.

outlook 2010 options menu


Step 4: Click the BCC button in the Show Fields section of the ribbon at the top of the window.

how to show the bcc field in outlook 2010


Once you have clicked the button, you can close the open message window. The setting will be saved for all future messages until you to choose to turn off the BCC field option. You will note that you can also display the From field by clicking the button next to the BCC button. You can read this article to learn why you might wish to do so.

If you are hesitant or unwilling to use the BCC field to share messages with undisclosed recipients, you can always just forward the copy of the sent message to the email address that you did not wish to share with the visible recipients of the original. newsletter
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