How to Delete an App on the Apple Watch

Apps will appear on your Apple watch because of a feature called Automatic App Install. Not every iPhone app has a compatible Watch app, so the number of apps on the watch will most likely be lower than the number of apps on your iPhone, but you might still wind up with Apple Watch apps that you wish to uninstall.

You may already be familiar with how to delete an app on an iPhone, and the process for doing so on an Apple Watch is very similar. You can follow our guide below if there is an app on your Apple Watch that you would like to delete.

How to Remove an Apple Watch App

The steps in this article are performed directly from the Apple Watch. You will not need to use the Watch app on the iPhone to complete these steps. Not every app on your Apple watch can be deleted. The apps that cannot be deleted are those apps that were installed on the device by default.

Step 1: Press the crown button on the side of your Apple Watch to get to the app Home screen.

apple watch app screen

Step 2: Locate the app that you want to delete, then tap and hold on that app until a small x appears at the top-left corner of the icon. If an x does not appear on the app icon, then it cannot be deleted.

tap and hold an apple watch app icon

Step 3: Tap the small x on the app that you wish to uninstall.

uninstall an apple watch app

Step 4: Tap the Delete App button to confirm that you wish to remove the app from your Apple Watch.

how to delete an app on the apple watch

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For further information on removing iPhone apps, read our how to delete apps on iPhone guide.

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