How Big Are Pictures on the iPhone 5?

Your iPhone 5 includes an 8 MP digital camera that allows many digital camera users to simply leave their cameras at home and have the same functionality available on their phone instead.

Having an easy-to-use camera always available will likely result in your taking more images, so you may eventually have questions about iPhone 5 picture file sizes and dimensions.

These can be important things to know if you want to store your pictures on a hard drive or flash drive, or if you need your pictures to have certain dimensions and want to know if the iPhone will meet them, or if you will need to edit them.

iPhone 5 Picture File Size and Dimensions

The information below is from an iPhone 5 that is using the iOS 7 version of the operating system.

There is no definitive way to say exactly how large an iPhone 5 picture file size will be. The image compression will depend upon the actual contents of the image. This can result in pictures that range in file size from 1.5 MB to 2.5 MB typically. Some images can have smaller file sizes and other images can have larger file sizes, but this seems to be the average range in my experience.

If you have a 1 GB flash drive (with the 960 MB that are typically usable on a flash drive of that size), for example, this means that you would be able to fit between 384 and 640 iPhone 5 pictures on that drive.

how big are iphone 5 pictures in ios 7

The dimensions of the images that you take with your iPhone 5 will be 3264 pixels by 2448 pixels when you use the Photo mode on the camera.

The image dimensions for pictures taken in Square mode will be 2448 pixels by 2448 pixels.

The image dimensions for panoramic pictures can vary, as you have the option of specifying when you stop taking the image. The panoramic feature will also attempt to correct any instability, so it is possible to have a picture with a width smaller than 2448 pixels. The file sizes for panoramic pictures will typically be larger as well, as there are simply more pixels in most panoramic pictures than there are in standard images.

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