Where is Spotlight Search on My iPhone 6?

Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and Macbooks, have a helpful feature called Spotlight Search. This feature allows you to search your computer and the Internet for information. Whether you are looking for a bit of text in a note or email, or if you want to use an app that you cannot find on one of your home screens, Spotlight Search is able to find it for you.

But Spotlight Search is different from most of the functions and features on your iPhone, in that it cannot be accessed through an app or menu. Out guide below will show you how to find and start using this excellent search utility on your iPhone.


Find and Use the Spotlight Search on Your iPhone

This article was written using an iPhone 6 Plus, in iOS 8. Versions of iOS before iOS 7 accessed Spotlight Search in a different way. If you are not able to find the search feature using the method below, then you may have an older version of iOS. If so, then Spotlight Search was accessed by swiping to the right on the first Home screen. You can read here to learn how to check which version of iOS is installed on your iPhone.


Step 1: Swipe down from the middle of your Home screen. Be careful not to swipe down from the very top of the screen, however, as this will open the Notification Center instead.

swipe down on the home screen



You should now see a screen similar to the one in the image below.

spotlight search when open



Type in whatever you are searching for, then tap a result to go to it.

spotlight search with results



With the default settings, Spotlight Search will not search everything that it is capable of searching. Fortunately the settings for Spotlight Search can be edited to include additional areas to search. Read this article to learn how to add more locations to your Spotlight Search.

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