How Much Data is Text Messaging Using on My iPhone?

You may find yourself wondering how much data text messaging is using on your iPhone if you are consuming a large percentage of your monthly data, and cannot figure out why.

There are many places to check for the root of your data usage problem, but an often overlooked location is Messaging.

For most cellular carriers, SMS text messaging does not use data, nor does MMS Messaging.

However, iMessage does use data. For more information on how to tell the difference between SMS, MMS and iMessage, click here. You should also contact your cellular provider to determine how they handle the different types of messages that you can send from an iPhone.

Our guide below will help you see how much data Messaging Services is using on your iPhone.

This specific category can be located through the Cellular menu on your iPhone, and can give you a good idea of your data usage since the statistics were last reset on your device.

Some other questions you have about iPhone text messages might include why some of them are different colors. Our iPhone sent as text message guide can help to clear up the difference.

How to Check Data Usage for Messaging on an iPhone

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 5, in iOS 9.3.

The data usage amount that is shown in the final step below includes the data used by anything that is categorized as Messaging Services. For most cellular providers, this will just be iMessage. Data is not used when you send messages over a Wi-Fi connection.

Step 1: Tap Settings.

open settings

Step 2: Tap Cellular.

open cellular

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the screen, then tap System Services.

open system services

Step 4: See how much data messaging is using on your iPhone by looking at the number to the right of Messaging Services.

check data usage for messaging on iphone

If you have never reset your cellular usage statistics, then the number you see here might be very high. Consider resetting your cellular statistics and setting a calendar reminder to check back in a month and evaluate your Messaging data usage over that time period.

If it is supported by your carrier, Wi-Fi calling can be a great way to reduce the number of minutes that you are using. This article – – will show you how to find and enable the Wi-Fi calling feature on your device.

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