How to View Remaining Battery Life on Apple Airpods

The steps in this guide are going to show you a couple of ways to view the current battery charge on your Airpods, as well as the current charge level on the case.

  1. Open the top of your Airpod case.
  2. Place the open case near your phone.
  3. View the remaining battery life on the Airpods.

Apple’s Airpods are very popular wireless earbuds that sync easily with your iPhone and have a lot of convenient functionality.

But they are wireless, which means that they need a power source. This is provided via battery, meaning that the Airpods will periodically need to be recharged.

Since there isn’t a display on the Airpods or the Airpod case, you are going to need to rely on your iPhone to see how much charge is left in the Airpods themselves, as well as the charging case. Our tutorial below will show you how to view this information.

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View Battery Charge of Apple Airpods

The steps in this article were performed using an iPhone 11 in iOS 13.3. We will first show you how to view the charge level on the Airpods and the Airpod case when the Airpod case is open and near the iPhone, then we will show you how to view the charge level on the widget menu.

Step 1: Open the top of the Airpod case.

Step 2: Hold the Airpod case near your iPhone.

Step 3: View the charge levels in the white box at the bottom of the screen.

how to view battery life on Airpods

Note that the image above shows the charge level of the Airpods as one entity. If you wish to see the charge level of each individual Airpod, remove one of them from the case, which will switch it to the display type below.

how to view battery life for individual Airpods

You can also view the Airpod charge level in the battery widget. Simply swipe to the right on the Home screen to get to the widget screen and find the Batteries widget shown below.

how to view Airpod battery life in Batteries widget

If you don’t see a Batteries widget, scroll to the bottom of the widget menu, tap the Edit button, then tap the green + to the left of Batteries.

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