How to Pair iPad with AirPods: A Step-by-Step Guide for Seamless Connection

Pairing your iPad with AirPods is a quick and easy process that enhances your audio experience. With just a few taps, you can connect your AirPods to your iPad and start enjoying high-quality sound without any hassle. Whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music, or on a video call, this guide will walk you through the steps to get your AirPods paired with your iPad.

How to Pair iPad with AirPods

Pairing your iPad with AirPods will allow you to enjoy wireless audio seamlessly. Follow these steps to connect your devices effortlessly.

Step 1: Open the AirPods case

Open the lid of your AirPods case to initiate the pairing process.

Make sure your AirPods are inside the case and fully charged. Opening the case wakes up the AirPods and puts them in a ready state to connect.

Step 2: Bring the AirPods close to the iPad

Hold the open AirPods case near your iPad.

The iPad needs to be in close proximity to the AirPods for the devices to detect each other. This ensures a quick and smooth connection.

Step 3: Unlock your iPad

Unlock your iPad using your passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

Your iPad should be on and unlocked for it to recognize and connect to the AirPods. Without unlocking, the device won’t be able to initiate the pairing process.

Step 4: Wait for the setup animation

A setup animation will appear on your iPad screen.

Within a few seconds of holding the AirPods case near the unlocked iPad, a prompt with a setup animation should automatically pop up.

Step 5: Tap “Connect”

Tap the “Connect” button on the setup animation screen.

By tapping “Connect”, you initiate the pairing process. This may take a few seconds, during which your iPad configures settings to use the AirPods for audio output.

Step 6: Follow on-screen instructions

Follow any additional on-screen instructions, such as enabling “Hey Siri”.

Depending on your AirPods model, you might be prompted to enable features like “Hey Siri” or customize settings for your AirPods.

After completing these steps, your AirPods will be connected to your iPad, and you can start using them for audio.

Tips for Pairing iPad with AirPods

  • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled: Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your iPad’s settings.
  • Keep devices updated: Make sure both your iPad and AirPods have the latest software updates.
  • Charge your devices: Ensure your AirPods case and iPad have sufficient battery.
  • Restart if needed: If pairing fails, try restarting both your iPad and AirPods.
  • Reset AirPods: If issues persist, reset your AirPods by holding the setup button on the back of the case until the light flashes amber, then white.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my AirPods connect to my iPad?

Ensure Bluetooth is enabled, and both devices are charged. Try restarting your iPad and AirPods.

Can I connect AirPods to multiple devices?

Yes, AirPods can switch between devices, but they can only play audio from one device at a time.

How do I know my AirPods are connected?

You’ll see a “Connected” status on your iPad screen, and you may hear a chime in your AirPods.

Do I need to connect my AirPods every time I use them?

No, once paired, your AirPods should automatically connect to your iPad when in range and Bluetooth is enabled.

How can I disconnect my AirPods from my iPad?

Go to Settings, Bluetooth, tap the “i” next to your AirPods, and select “Disconnect.”


  1. Open the AirPods case.
  2. Bring the AirPods close to the iPad.
  3. Unlock your iPad.
  4. Wait for the setup animation.
  5. Tap “Connect”.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions.


Pairing your iPad with AirPods is a straightforward process that only takes a few moments but significantly enhances your audio experience. Whether you’re using your iPad for entertainment, education, or communication, having your AirPods connected wirelessly makes it so much easier. Remember to keep your devices updated and charged to avoid any interruptions. If you run into any issues, a quick restart or reset often does the trick. Enjoy the freedom of wireless audio and explore all the features your AirPods have to offer. Happy listening!

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