How to Use the Redo Shortcut in Word 2019: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever been working on a Word document and accidentally deleted or changed something you didn’t mean to? Fear not, the redo shortcut in Word 2019 is here to save the day. It’s like a time machine for your document, allowing you to reverse your last action with just a couple of quick keystrokes. Let’s dive in and learn how to use it!

Step by Step Tutorial: Using the Redo Shortcut in Word 2019

Before we start, let’s understand what we’re trying to accomplish here. The redo shortcut in Word 2019 allows you to quickly reverse an undo action. If you’ve made a mistake or want to go back to a previous version of your document, this shortcut is your best friend.

Step 1: Perform an action that you want to redo

After you’ve undone something in your Word document, decide if you want to revert back to the state before the undo.

Step 2: Press the Redo Shortcut on your keyboard

The default redo shortcut in Word 2019 is ‘Ctrl + Y’ for Windows users or ‘Command + Shift + Z’ for Mac users.

After you’ve performed an undo action and decided you actually didn’t want to undo it, press ‘Ctrl + Y’ (or ‘Command + Shift + Z’ on a Mac). This will redo the action you just undid, bringing your document back to its previous state. It’s like pressing the “oops, nevermind” button.

Once you complete the redo action, your document will return to the state it was in before you made the undo. It’s a quick and easy way to correct a mistake or revisit a change you weren’t sure about.

Tips for Using the Redo Shortcut in Word 2019

  • Always remember that the redo function only works after an undo has been performed. You can’t redo something that wasn’t undone first.
  • If you’re working on a long document, it’s a good idea to save versions as you go along. That way, if the undo and redo functions can’t get you back to where you want to be, you have a saved version to return to.
  • You can also find the redo button in the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of your Word window. It looks like a curved arrow pointing to the right.
  • Keep in mind that the redo shortcut might not work if you’ve made other changes to the document after the undo. It only redos the very last action.
  • Practice using the shortcut as you work on documents to become more efficient and save time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the redo shortcut doesn’t work?

If the redo shortcut isn’t working, it could be because you’ve made further changes to the document after the undo, which would clear the redo buffer.

Can I redo multiple actions at once?

Yes, you can redo multiple actions by repeatedly pressing the redo shortcut, as long as no other actions were taken after the initial undo.

Is there a limit to how many actions I can redo?

There is no set limit, but Word may have a cap depending on the size of the document and the complexity of the actions.

Can I use the redo function on other versions of Word or other software?

Most modern software, including other versions of Word, have a similar redo function, though the shortcut keys may vary.

What’s the difference between undo and redo?

Undo reverses a recent action, while redo reverses the most recent undo action.


  1. Decide on the action you want to redo.
  2. Press ‘Ctrl + Y’ for Windows or ‘Command + Shift + Z’ for Mac to perform the redo.


Mastering the redo shortcut in Word 2019 can significantly enhance your document editing efficiency. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that can save you time and frustration when navigating through your writing and editing process. Remember, mistakes happen, but with the redo shortcut, they don’t have to be permanent. Keep practicing and before you know it, ‘Ctrl + Y’ or ‘Command + Shift + Z’ will be second nature. Happy writing, and may your future be free of irreversible errors!

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