How to Undo in the Note Application on the iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Accidentally deleted some important info from your iPhone notes? No worries! To undo a mistake in the Note application on the iPhone, simply shake your device immediately after the error occurs and tap “Undo” when the option appears.

After you complete this action, the last change you made to the note will be undone, and the content will revert back to its previous state. If you changed your mind or undid something by mistake, you can shake your phone again and select “Redo” to reverse the undo.


Have you ever been typing away on your iPhone in the Notes app, crafting the perfect memo or list, only to make a mistake or delete something important? It’s a common scenario that can happen to anyone, but not everyone knows there’s a quick and easy way to undo those errors. Knowing how to correct mistakes in the Notes app can save you time and frustration, and it’s a handy skill for any iPhone user to have.

Whether you’re a student jotting down lecture notes, a professional drafting meeting minutes, or just someone making a grocery list, the ability to undo and redo changes in the Notes app is a valuable tool. So let’s dive into the simple steps you can take to save your notes from accidental deletions or unwanted edits.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Undo in the Note Application on the iPhone

Before we get into the exact steps, know that you’ll be using a gesture with your iPhone to undo or redo actions in the Notes app. It’s a quick and fun way to correct mistakes, but it’s also something that not everyone knows about.

Step 1: Make a mistake

First things first, you need to have something to undo. This could be a typo, an accidental deletion or any unwanted change in your note.

When you make a mistake in the Notes app, don’t panic. It’s easily fixable, but you need to act quickly before you make any other changes to the note, as you can only undo the last action taken.

Step 2: Shake your iPhone

Once you’ve realized you made an error, immediately shake your iPhone. Yes, literally give it a quick shake!

When you shake your iPhone, a dialogue box will appear with the options “Undo Typing” or “Cancel”. If you don’t see this option, you might need to shake your phone a bit more vigorously. But be careful not to drop it!

Step 3: Tap “Undo Typing”

After shaking your iPhone, tap the “Undo Typing” option on the dialogue box that appears on the screen.

Upon tapping “Undo Typing,” the last action you made in your note will be undone. If you deleted a sentence, it will reappear. If you wrote something, it will be erased.

Step 4: To redo an action, shake your iPhone again

If you change your mind or if you undid something by mistake, you can redo the action by shaking your iPhone again and selecting “Redo Typing” from the prompt.

The “Redo Typing” option will only appear if you have previously undone an action. This can be useful if you accidentally undo something you didn’t mean to or if you realize you actually needed the text you deleted.


Quick and easyThe shake to undo feature is a fast and straightforward way to correct mistakes without having to navigate through menus.
IntuitiveMost people can remember the action associated with undoing—shaking—making it an intuitive process.
No additional apps or tools requiredThis feature is built into the iPhone’s operating system, so there’s no need for any third-party apps or tools to correct your notes.


Limited to the last actionThe undo feature can only revert the very last action taken, which can be limiting if you’ve made multiple changes.
Can be triggered accidentallyVigorous movements can sometimes trigger the undo prompt unintentionally, which can be annoying.
Not always knownMany users are not aware of this feature, so they may not take advantage of it when needed.

Additional Information

When using the undo feature in the Note application on the iPhone, it’s important to remember that it only works for the last action taken. So if you’ve made several changes and only realized a mistake several steps later, you can’t go back and undo all the way to that initial error. However, there is a workaround. You can manually select and delete or replace the incorrect content if you catch the mistake after multiple changes have been made.

Additionally, while the shake to undo feature is quick and handy, it might not be suitable in all situations. For instance, if you’re in a public place or a quiet environment like a library, shaking your iPhone might not be ideal. In such cases, you can use the on-screen undo button available on the iPhone’s keyboard when you have it open to type in the Notes app.

Another tip is to regularly back up your notes. Whether you use iCloud or another method, having a backup means even if you make an irreversible mistake, you can still recover your important information. Lastly, if you’re someone who types a lot on your iPhone, consider investing in a Bluetooth keyboard which often comes with an undo button, providing an alternative to shaking your device.


  1. Make a mistake in the Notes app.
  2. Shake your iPhone.
  3. Tap “Undo Typing” on the dialogue box.
  4. To redo an action, shake your iPhone again and select “Redo Typing”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if shaking my iPhone doesn’t bring up the undo option?

If shaking your phone doesn’t work, try shaking it more vigorously. Make sure to hold onto your phone tightly so it doesn’t slip out of your hands.

Can I undo more than one action in the Notes app?

No, the undo feature only allows you to revert the last action taken. If you need to undo multiple actions, you will need to do them manually.

Is there an undo button in the Notes app?

While there’s no dedicated undo button in the Notes app itself, you can use the undo button on the iPhone’s keyboard when it’s displayed.

What happens if I accidentally select “Redo” after shaking my iPhone?

If you accidentally hit “Redo,” the action you just undid will be reinstated. If this wasn’t your intention, you can shake your iPhone again and tap “Undo” to revert the change once more.

Will this undo feature work in other apps on my iPhone?

Yes, the shake to undo feature works in many other apps where you input text, such as Messages, Mail, and third-party apps like WhatsApp.


Knowing how to undo in the Note application on your iPhone is a simple yet powerful skill that can save you from headaches and frustrations. The convenience of the shake to undo feature is unparalleled, allowing you to quickly correct mistakes. While it has its limitations, like only being able to undo the last action, it’s still a feature worth using.

Remember, technology is here to make our lives easier, and features like these are perfect examples of that. So next time you find yourself wishing you could take back that last note edit, just give your iPhone a shake and breathe a sigh of relief. Keep practicing, and before you know it, undoing and redoing in Notes will become second nature.

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