How to Undo in Notes on iPhone 14: A Step-by-Step Guide

Accidentally deleted something in your iPhone 14 notes? No need to panic, as undoing in Notes is a breeze. Simply shake your phone or use a few taps, and voila, your content is back!

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Undo in Notes on iPhone 14

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that undoing in Notes can save you from losing important information that was deleted by mistake. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Shake Your iPhone

Shake your iPhone immediately after you’ve deleted the content you want to recover.

Shaking your iPhone is like telling it, “Hey, I didn’t mean to do that!” A little shake is all it takes to prompt a pop-up with the option to “Undo.”

Step 2: Tap ‘Undo’ on the Pop-Up

Once you’ve shaken your iPhone, tap on ‘Undo’ to revert your note to its previous state.

The ‘Undo’ button is your best friend here. By tapping it, you’re instructing your iPhone to step back in time and bring back the content that was just erased.

Step 3: If Shaking Doesn’t Work, Use the On-Screen Option

Tap the ‘Undo’ button on your keyboard toolbar if shaking your iPhone doesn’t work.

Sometimes, for various reasons, shaking may not be the best option. No worries, though! Your keyboard toolbar has an ‘Undo’ option ready for use. It’s usually located on the left-hand side of your screen when the keyboard is active.

After completing these steps, you should have successfully undone the action in your notes, restoring any accidentally deleted content.

Tips on How to Undo in Notes on iPhone 14

  • Make sure the ‘Shake to Undo’ feature is enabled in your settings for it to work.
  • Undoing an action works for both text and drawings in Notes.
  • If you’ve made multiple edits, you can keep shaking your iPhone to undo more than one action.
  • Be prompt in shaking your iPhone or tapping ‘Undo’ after the mistake, as it may not work if too much time has passed.
  • Remember that redoing is also an option if you change your mind after undoing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable ‘Shake to Undo’ on my iPhone 14?

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch and toggle on ‘Shake to Undo.’

Can I redo an action after undoing it in Notes?

Yes, you can either shake your iPhone again and choose ‘Redo’ or use the ‘Redo’ button on your keyboard toolbar.

Is there a limit to how many actions I can undo in Notes?

There’s no set limit, but the effectiveness decreases as more time passes or if you’ve made numerous changes.

What if the ‘Shake to Undo’ feature isn’t working?

Make sure the feature is enabled in your settings and that your iPhone’s motion sensor is functioning properly.

Can I undo actions in other apps besides Notes?

Yes, the ‘Shake to Undo’ feature works in many other apps that allow text editing.


  1. Shake your iPhone to trigger the ‘Undo’ pop-up.
  2. Tap the ‘Undo’ button on the pop-up.
  3. Use the ‘Undo’ button on the keyboard toolbar if shaking doesn’t work.


There you have it—undoing in Notes on your iPhone 14 is as simple as shaking your phone or tapping a button. This handy feature ensures that no accidental deletion causes permanent loss of your important notes. It’s like having a little guardian angel watching over your digital shoulder, ready to swoop in and save the day at a moment’s notice. Plus, with the additional ability to redo actions, you have full control over your Notes content, allowing for a worry-free writing experience. So next time you’re jotting down those crucial points or doodling away, remember this guide and rest easy knowing that a simple shake can undo any mistake.