How to Undo on iPad Keyboard: A Quick Guide to Reversing Mistakes

Ever make a mistake while typing on your iPad and wish you could undo it? Well, you’re in luck! Undoing on the iPad keyboard is quick and easy. Simply shake your iPad or use a three-finger swipe gesture to undo your last action.

How to Undo on iPad Keyboard

This section will guide you through the steps on how to easily undo your last action using the iPad keyboard.

Step 1: Shake your iPad

Shake your iPad gently but firmly to trigger the undo option.

When you shake your iPad, a dialog box will pop up asking if you want to undo your last action. Be careful not to shake it too hard; a gentle shake will do the trick.

Step 2: Tap “Undo”

Tap the “Undo” button on the dialog box that appears.

This dialog box gives you the option to either confirm or cancel your undo action. Make sure to tap “Undo” to reverse your last action.

Step 3: Use a Three-Finger Swipe Left

Swipe three fingers to the left on your iPad screen to undo.

This gesture alternative is super convenient if you don’t want to physically shake your iPad. Just place three fingers on the screen and swipe to the left, and your last action will be undone.

Step 4: Look for Confirmation

Check for a confirmation message or observe the change in your text.

After using either method to undo, your iPad will confirm the action, and you’ll see your text revert to its previous state.

What happens after you complete the action?

Once you’ve completed the undo action, your last change or mistake will be reversed. Whether you deleted text, changed formatting, or typed the wrong word, your iPad will go back to its previous state, saving you from having to retype or redo your work.

Tips for How to Undo on iPad Keyboard

  • Use Gesture Controls: Three-finger swipe gestures can be quicker and less disruptive than shaking your iPad.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Familiarize yourself with both methods. It will make undoing mistakes second nature.
  • Update iOS: Make sure your iPad is running the latest iOS version to ensure these features work smoothly.
  • Undo in Apps: These methods work in most apps that support text editing, like Notes, Mail, or even some third-party apps.
  • Explore Redo Options: If you undo something by mistake, you can redo it by shaking your iPad again or using a three-finger swipe to the right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I undo multiple actions in a row?

Yes! You can continually shake your iPad or use the three-finger swipe to undo multiple actions, one at a time.

What if shaking my iPad doesn’t work?

Make sure you’re shaking it gently but firmly. Also, check your iPad settings under “Accessibility” to ensure Shake to Undo is enabled.

Are there any alternatives to the swipe gesture?

At present, shaking and three-finger swipe are the primary methods. Some apps may have their own undo buttons.

Does undo work in all apps?

Not all apps support the undo feature, but most text-editing apps like Notes, Mail, and Pages do.

Can I customize the gestures?

As of now, the default gestures cannot be customized. However, Apple often updates features, so keep an eye on future iOS updates.


  1. Shake your iPad
  2. Tap “Undo”
  3. Use a Three-Finger Swipe Left
  4. Look for Confirmation


Undoing on the iPad keyboard is a super handy feature that can save you from a lot of typing headaches. Whether you choose to shake your iPad or use the three-finger swipe, both methods are designed to be quick and easy. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll soon be undoing like a pro without breaking a sweat.

Remember, these undo features work in most text-editing apps, but it’s always good to test them out and see how they work in your favorite apps. Ensure your iPad is up-to-date to avoid any glitches and make the most out of these handy gestures.

So, next time you make a mistake typing on your iPad, don’t panic! Just undo it and keep going.

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