How to Duplicate a Word 2019 Document: Step-by-Step Guide

Duplicating a Word 2019 document is a straightforward process that involves creating a copy of the original file. The copy can then be edited, shared, or stored as a separate file, without altering the original. This task is handy when you want multiple versions of a document for different purposes.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Duplicate a Word 2019 Document

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s understand why you might need to duplicate a document. Perhaps you’re working on a report and want to create a version with different figures, or maybe you want to send a copy of your resume without including personal contact details. Whatever the reason, duplicating a document can save you time and hassle.

Step 1: Open the original document

Open the Word 2019 document you want to duplicate.

When you open the document, ensure that it’s the final version that you want to duplicate. Any changes made after duplicating will not be reflected in the copy.

Step 2: Click on ‘File’ in the top menu

Navigate to the ‘File’ tab on the upper left corner of the Word 2019 interface.

The ‘File’ menu is where you will find all the options for managing your Word document, including saving, printing, and sharing.

Step 3: Select ‘Save As’

In the ‘File’ menu, select the ‘Save As’ option.

Choosing ‘Save As’ allows you to save a new version of the document under a different name, location, or format.

Step 4: Choose the location to save the duplicated document

Decide where you want to save the new copy of your document.

You can choose to save it on your computer, in a specific folder, or even in cloud storage like OneDrive.

Step 5: Name the duplicated document

Type in a new name for the duplicated document to distinguish it from the original.

It’s important to give the duplicated document a clear and descriptive name so you can easily find and identify it later.

Step 6: Click ‘Save’

After naming the document, click the ‘Save’ button to create the duplicate.

Once you click ‘Save’, a new Word document will be created with the content from the original file.

After completing these steps, you will have a duplicate of your Word 2019 document. This copy can be accessed, edited, and managed as a completely separate file from the original.

Tips: How to Efficiently Duplicate a Word 2019 Document

  • Always double-check the name of the duplicated document to avoid confusion with the original.
  • Consider adding a date or version number to the document’s name for better organization.
  • If you’re making multiple duplicates, create a dedicated folder to store all the copies.
  • Remember that any changes made to the original document after duplicating will not reflect in the copies.
  • Use cloud storage to easily access and share the duplicated documents with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I duplicate a Word 2019 document to a different format?

Yes, when using the ‘Save As’ function, you can choose to save the duplicate in a different format, such as PDF or plain text.

Will duplicating a document include the comments and track changes?

Yes, duplicating a document will carry over all the comments and tracked changes from the original. You can accept or reject these changes in the duplicated document as needed.

Is it possible to duplicate multiple Word 2019 documents at once?

No, Word 2019 does not have a built-in feature to duplicate multiple documents simultaneously. You will need to duplicate each document individually.

Can I duplicate a document that is password-protected?

You can duplicate a password-protected document as long as you have the password to open it. However, the duplicated document will not be password-protected unless you set it up separately.

Will the duplicated document save the original formatting and layout?

Yes, the duplicated document will preserve the original formatting, layout, and content, unless you make changes to it after duplicating.


  1. Open the original document.
  2. Click on ‘File’ in the top menu.
  3. Select ‘Save As’.
  4. Choose the location to save the duplicated document.
  5. Name the duplicated document.
  6. Click ‘Save’.


Duplicating a Word 2019 document is a piece of cake once you know the steps. It’s a technique that can save you time and effort, especially if you’re working with templates or documents that require slight modifications for different purposes. Always remember to give your duplicate a distinct name to avoid confusion with the original. And hey, don’t be afraid to organize your files – it’s all about working smarter, not harder!

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who likes to keep their files in order, knowing how to duplicate a Word 2019 document is a skill that comes in handy. So go ahead, give it a try, and see how much easier it makes your life. And remember, if you have any more questions about Word 2019 or document management, there’s a whole world of resources out there to help you out. Keep exploring and happy duplicating!

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