How to Reverse Image Search on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Reverse image searching on your iPhone is a breeze! All you need is an internet connection and a few taps to discover where an image came from, find similar images, or verify the authenticity of a photo. Ready to become a reverse image search pro? Let’s get started!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Reverse Image Search on iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about what we’re aiming to achieve here. Reverse image searching allows you to upload an image to a search engine (like Google) and find other instances of that image on the web. It’s perfect for when you need more information about a picture but don’t have any context.

Step 1: Open Safari

Open the Safari app on your iPhone. This is your gateway to the internet and the tool you’ll use to perform the reverse image search.

Safari is the default web browser on all Apple devices, so you should find it easily on your home screen or in your app library. If you prefer another browser like Chrome or Firefox, feel free to use that instead. The process will be similar.

Step 2: Navigate to

Type into the address bar and hit ‘Go’. This will take you to Google’s image search, the place where the magic happens.

Google’s image search is optimized for reverse image searching, and while other search engines offer similar services, Google’s vast database makes it the go-to for most users.

Step 3: Tap on the camera icon

Once the page loads, tap the camera icon in the search bar. This allows you to search by image instead of typing out a query.

The camera icon might be a bit small on your phone’s screen, so make sure you tap it accurately to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Select ‘Upload an image’

After tapping the camera icon, a menu will appear. Select ‘Upload an image’ to choose a picture from your iPhone’s photo library.

This step is crucial because it lets Google know you’re trying to find information about a specific image, not just looking for pictures related to a text query.

Step 5: Choose ‘Photo Library’ and select your image

Tap ‘Photo Library’, then browse your albums to find the image you want to search. Once you find it, select it.

Your iPhone might ask for permission to access your photos. Make sure to allow this so you can complete the reverse image search.

After completing these steps, Google will process the image and display search results related to the picture. You might find other sizes of the image, similar images, or even the original source of the image.

Tips: How to Reverse Image Search on iPhone

  • Ensure your internet connection is stable before starting your reverse image search to avoid any interruptions.
  • If the image you want to search is on a website, you can press and hold the image and select ‘Search Google for This Image’.
  • Remember that not all images can be reverse searched. If an image is private or hasn’t been indexed by Google, results might be limited.
  • For better accuracy, use the most clear and unedited version of the image you have.
  • You can also use reverse image search to find higher-resolution versions of the image or to discover if the image has been used without permission elsewhere on the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reverse image search with other browsers on my iPhone?

Yes, you can use other browsers like Chrome or Firefox. The process might be slightly different, but the option to reverse image search is generally available across all popular browsers.

Does reverse image search work with screenshots?

Yes, you can use screenshots for reverse image searches. However, keep in mind that the quality and clarity of the screenshot can affect the search results.

Can I reverse image search an image from social media?

In most cases, yes. If the image is publicly available and has been indexed by the search engine, you should be able to find it through a reverse image search.

What can I do if the reverse image search doesn’t yield any results?

Try using different images or cropping the photo to focus on a specific element before searching again. Sometimes, changing the image slightly can produce better results.

Is reverse image search on iPhone free?

Yes, reverse image searching using Google or other search engines is free. You won’t need to pay for any additional apps or services to perform a reverse image search on your iPhone.


  1. Open Safari
  2. Navigate to
  3. Tap on the camera icon
  4. Select ‘Upload an image’
  5. Choose ‘Photo Library’ and select your image


That’s a wrap on how to reverse image search on your iPhone! It’s a handy skill that can help you track down the origin of an image, find higher-quality versions, or even spot a fake photo. With the easy steps laid out above, you’ll be a reverse image search wizard in no time. Remember to play around with different images and use this tool responsibly.

And always think about the broader picture (pun intended!). Beyond just finding where an image came from, consider how this process reflects the interconnectedness of our digital world. Every image tells a story, and with a reverse image search, you have the power to uncover it. So, the next time you come across an interesting photo and wonder, “Where did this come from?”, grab your iPhone and get searching. Who knows what you might discover?